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My mother might have schizophrenia?

I need help with my mom, this medical issue is not for me. She has been saying she hears voices and people are watching her, She also says people are watching her by hacking her internet, is this a sign of schizophrenia? She has been to the doctor today and they prescribed her medication.

Male | 13 years old
Complaint duration: 1 Day
Medications: None that I know of
Conditions: None

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Well, first I need you to know that I do not believe any mental or emotional disease is inborn/genetic. She is a victim of programming by mixed messages, but in the programming are threats of punishments, probably by God, but it could simply be situational, like parents being caught in a sort of "damned if you don't, and damned if you do". People who were parented badly parent badly, because of mirror neurons. No point in blaming, just understanding. We take as normal the way we are treated, but when normal has mixed messages, we short circuit and sometimes out of fear (threats). Second, I have seen that schizophrenic parents are often good with babies and start to lose it with toddlers. That means they raise children with a strong foundation of self-worth gained by the beginning of life, where identity is created, but after that, the child is on his or her own a lot, even taking care of mom, which can tap you out by the time you reach adulthood. So, you would need to find a very rare doctor who believes symptoms are related to cause (like paranoia being related to threats, cause and effect is replaced by religiosity turning into superstition in a young child, mystifying technology). I'd ask her what the voices say. Is that she is always on call? So, she just hears her name? Is she hearing, "God will punish you when you least expect it," or something that would cause her symptoms. Cause and effect. There are very few such clinicians, because most psychologists are "brought up on" 50/50 genetics, and teach bandaids more than remedying cause. Good luck young man. I'm impressed with you. Maybe some day you can take this concern to a profession and become a psychologist, but in the meantime, take care of yourself, mostly. You deserve it. Go with God.
It can be a sign of schizophrenia, but there could be other causes too
including medical issues, medical conditions should be considered also.
This is a very astute question. It sounds like she has symptoms that include possible hallucinations and paranoia. These things can be for many many reasons. Your best off telling your mom to talk to a doctor that is either a neurologist or a psychiatrist. Would not jump to conclusions on her diagnosis, although schizophrenia is possible. Sometimes stress, medication, forms of depression and anxiety, can cause symptoms like these. Would suggest seeing if your mom is comfortable talking with you about what the doctor said, or allowing you to talk directly to the doctor. Your question is brilliant. Your mother is lucky to have you . Ultimately, she should be carefully evaluated by a neurologist or psychiatrist. It’s OK to not have all the answers to her questions or worries. It’s OK to respond with you need to talk to a specialist. And, it’s OK for you to just be supportive and caring . Try to get an opportunity to talk with the doctor that she saw for further guidance in case of difficulties arising and for you to get some personal help with a psychiatrist or mental health professional. This could also be an opportunity for you to talk with your own regular doctor for help in guidance. Best wishes!

Lance Steinberg MD, Inc.
Assistant Clinical Professor
UCLA (Geffen) NPI
Schizophrenia is a thinking disorder that can include psychosis in the form of delusions or hearing or seeing things that are not there. These same psychotic symptoms can be the result of another mental disorder, side effects of medications, drug use, or dementia. To determine if an individual has Schizophrenia, other possible diagnoses would need to be ruled out first. You can communicate your observations and concerns to her doctor.