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Pain in Shoulder Chest and Stomach

Sharp pain in left shoulder and chest comes and goes sharp pain in stomach when I cough had it for days

Male | 32 years old
Complaint duration: 2 days

3 Answers

I would advise you to seek immediate medical attention for these symptoms. Sharp pain in the left shoulder and chest, along with sharp pain in the stomach when coughing, could potentially indicate a serious condition such as a heart problem or an issue with your lungs or digestive system. It's important to consult with a healthcare professional who can evaluate your symptoms thoroughly and provide appropriate diagnosis and treatment.

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Does the pain feel like pressure or sharp in the shoulder and chest?

Stomach pain with cough can be hernia.
Simply put, you suffer soft tissue (more fascia than muscle) strain in shoulders, rib cage and abdomen, nothing else is wrong. All these injuries can be identified by palpation. No MRI or X-rays needed. The injured tissue is jammed up, like hair tangled. The only effective treatment is to untangle it by the body itself internally via light touch initiating self-healing, certainly not by any external means such as medication, hot/cold application, massage, stretching, strengthening, manipulation, acupuncture, etc. Without untangling, the injured tissue remains for a lifetime without spontaneous improvement. This is detailed in my book "NO MORE PAIN  All Pain Considered - A Breakthrough". Please visit my website: