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Permanent Weeping Rash!? Desperate for RELIEF, please help!

This has been going on for about 6 months and has only gotten worse. It itches terribly and will weep ooze. At first we thought it resembled athlete's foot but now it has more poison ivy like characteristics. Have tried to treat it with multiple anti-fungal topicals, apple cider vinegar, etc. Any idea what this is and any suggestions on how to get rid of it? Desperate for relief & willing to try anything at this point! Please help!

We've included 4 pictures from the foot that has it the worst.

Thanks for your time.

Male | 36 years old
Complaint duration: 6 months
Medications: None
Conditions: Nut Allergy

6 Answers

Consider shoe allergy. Wear sandals for a week and use super potent steroid
The toe nails appear unaffected this should rule out T. Rubrum fungus themost severe and persistent foot fungus. In the absence of eczema allergy should be considered. Ask your dermatologist about boot camp therapy.
This is not athletes foot. It looks more like a contact dermatitis to a soap or substance you are applying.. Stop everything!! Cool water when you shower and no soap. Cortisone 10 or a similar cortisone prep from the pharmacy is available without a prescription. It will stop the itching. Hope that helps
Rule out contact dermatitis to shoes secondary impetiginized with staph infection. Rule out tunea pedis.
This is possibly an allergic reaction to the tattoo. You need to be seen by your board certified dermatologist.
Please go see a dermatologist immediately. I understand the desperation and itch. I have seen people put all sorts of home remedies on to it and ended up with gangrene. Don't save money and lose a foot. Follow treatment from your specialist to the full. Some therapy has to be taken till it is all finished even though it can LOOK better after a few times. If you give up half way and go back to using vinegar/bleach/etc., then it will surely come back worse.