Dermatologist Questions Acne

Please suggest a remedy for my acne.

I get such bad jawline acne around my period every single month. Please let me know what I can do to prevent this from happening.

3 Answers

For adult females, one of the most effective therapies for hormonal jawline acne is a pill called aldactone. It was developed for blood pressure, but never worked. It helps acne as it blocks testosterone from connecting the hair follicles. It is very safe overall, very affordable, and makes 70% of adult women’s acne much better.
Correcting hormone related acne with diet changes and herbs requires individual specific treatment. Some people have improvement taking vitamin B-6 before periods, and cutting out sugar. More detailed information can be found in the acne chapter in the book, Radiant Skin from the Inside Out, which can be found on Amazon
Benzoyl peroxide 4% cream wash once to twice a day. Get a rebate coupon online or order online, it's very inexpensive and effective.