Infectious Disease Specialist Questions Mono

Post mono complications?

6 months ago tested positive for mono and strep. I have been getting better and worse every couple of weeks since. last few days ago I have had headache, sore throat, chest pain and feeling of pounding/racist heart, abdominal pain worse on the right side, intense nausea, vomit starting to come up but never fully comes out, numbness starting in hands and upper back starting to spread downwards and in face comes and goes, lower back pain on sides of the back (not spine but on either side), leg pain and weakness, lightheaded especially upon standing, difficulty walking from the pain and weakness

Female | 25 years old
Complaint duration: 6 months
Medications: Depo for birth control/lessen period severity

1 Answer

Thanks for the question. The closet syndrome to what you describe is Rheumatic Fever. There are other possibilities, such as post-infectious reactive myositis, and fibromyalgia. Please see your doctor for testing and clarification.