Internist Questions Mononucleosis

Multiple bouts of mononucleosis

I am 66 years old and have just been diagnosed for the 3rd time since my 40s with mono. I also developed fibromyalgia after having bilateral mastectomies in my early 40s. Is my immune system compromised and how do I strengthen it?

Female | 66 years old
Complaint duration: 26 yrs
Medications: effexor,clonopin, hydrochlorithiazide, omeprazole
Conditions: frequent bouts with mononucleosis, colds,sore throats,swolken lynph nodes

1 Answer

The best advice would be a diet without refined foods, preservatives , and chemicals. Walking for 30-60 minutes daily on grounder in the water. Swimming or bicycicling might be ok as well. Get all vaccinations up to date.
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