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Pregnancy question?

I had unprotected sex on October 22nd around 1 am later that day I got my period. About a week after I started having stomach cramps and having trouble pooping. Which went away. Then I had some other symptoms over the weeks such as headaches, lower back pain, stomach pain/cramps, a little bit of clear/watery discharge. the symptoms would come and go. Could I be pregnant? Would pregnancy symptoms like those show up so soon? Now I’m currently having back pain and slight stomach pain/cramps. I’m also a little bloated. My period app says it’s supposed to arrive in about 4 days but my period is kinda irregular. Could these symptoms I’m currently experiencing be from my period supposedly arriving soon? I also thought these symptoms could be a UTI which I’ve never had. Can someone pls help? I'm scared I could be pregnant. I also know people say there’s a low chance of becoming pregnant a day before your period. Is that true? It has been 4 weeks since that unprotected sex and I haven’t had sex since then. what do you think is going on? what do these symptoms mean? is 4 weeks after sex long enough for pregnancy symptoms to show or for pregnancy to happen? I really need help. What does all these mean? Pregnancy? Or could it be something like a UTI?

Female | 20 years old
Complaint duration: 18/11/2021
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3 Answers

Call your physician for an appointment.
You need a urine preg test. Symptoms could be pregnancy endometriosis UTI or anything else ! See a doctor because pregnancies cause major life-threatening risk of ectopic pregnancy occurs and is not diagnosed.
I have to hope that the dates are wrong. Certainly, by now you would know if you are pregnant from sex in October as you would be 24 weeks (due July 15). If the dates are correct, you would not have had your period for several months and any doctor should be able to tell you are pregnant. Assuming you really meant last month, it is highly unlikely that you are pregnant, as that usually occurs in the middle of your cycle and not at the end. All the symptoms you have can just be a normal part of your cycle though they could also be symptoms you get in early pregnancy as well. But those usually take a little longer in pregnancy to show up (shortly after you miss your first period, which you haven't done yet). While it's very unlikely you got pregnant, you can test in a week or two to see if a test is positive or get blood drawn for a blood pregnancy test next week.
I assume it doesn't have to be said that probably you should use something for birth control. And if you're going to have sex (preferably protected), try to do it earlier in the evening so you can get a good night's sleep ??. Or, to be even more of a dad, wait until the next morning to see if this is someone you really want to have sex within the first place. Meanwhile, there is almost no chance you are pregnant with the situation you described. Try to relax for now.