Nephrologist (Kidney Specialist) Questions C-Reactive Protein Test

Protein in urine question

I have a history of a small amount of protein in my urine. Am I at risk of kidney disease? How will I know?

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Yes continue to study your kidneys it will save your life
Protein in the urine by itself can make kidney disease worse and also, it can accelerate heart disease. You have to see how much protein you are spilling by quantifying the protein in the urine. Depending on the amount of protein and other urine findings(blood) etc., may need further workup.

As I'm not sure about your medical history, not sure the possible etiologies at this time. Diabetes is a common cause. There are medicines to cut down proteinuria. Also, you should cut down your salt intake. If you have Diabetes or hypertension, you need to do good blood sugar and BP control. If you are obese, needs weight reduction. Also stop any nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications, if you are on. Also, needs to check your creatinine.

Hope this will help you.
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Protein in the urine is a sign that there is damage to the filter in the kidney. Whether or not you develop chronic kidney disease depends on the amount of protein you were spilling in the urine. A nephrologist is the Doctor to see for this. They may recommend a 24 hour urine collection or a kidney biopsy. This will give the information on what to expect for progression of renal disease in the future.

Dr. Niko Lailas
This will need to be evaluated with quantification of protein and look for diseases that possibly can cause protein in urine.
Proteinuria is a marker for kidney disease and can cause progression of loss of kidney function. Do not take it lightly. Discuss with PCP and see a nephrologist for detailed assessment
Minimal protein in urine can be benign (meaning it can be related to acute illness, fever, exercise), but it is also an indicator of kidney disease and over time can get worse and may lead to kidney failure. Your primary care doctor can answer if it is significant enough to require evaluation by a nephrologist.
A small amount of protein is usually not a big deal, but if persistent may want to see a nephrologist.
Yes you are at risk. The amount and stability of the protein as well as the causes need to be determined
Get 24 hrs urine and check for protein and electrolytes and sonogram of your kidneys Thanx
It often is just an isolated finding. You need to have a confirmatory test. If that still has protein you need your kidneys checked out with a blood test and 24 hour urine. Usually your PCP can start this and if there is anything going on they will refer you to a nephrologist.

Proteinuria (protein in urine ) is not normal.
Need more test like renal function test.

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Dr Javed
Protein in the urine is one of the earliest manifestations of kidney disease and has to be evaluated with caution. A detailed history and physical examination has to be taken and the amount of protein in the urine has to be quantified. Further testing will depend on the findings from the initial evaluation.
Yes, at times protein in your urine can signify a kidney disease. It's best see a Nephrologist and get checked out.
Possibly, yes.
Hello... depends on how small the amount is. Also, what your creatinine, GFR, & bicarbonate (CO2) levels are. Please see a doctor if you start having to get up more often at night to urinate, if your feet &/or legs swell, or you develop breathing problems. I hope this helps!
Protein needs to be quantitated and analyzed and additional test of kidney function need to be done to answer the question. Needs a nephrologic evaluation

Chaim Charytan, M.D.
You should follow this up with your family physician. It may be an indication of kidney disease. However, other questions your family doctor should be asking you is how long this has been going on for, do you have a history of kidney disease, what is your diet like, is there blood in the urine, are you on any medications that could cause this. I would suggest a thorough follow-up, including lab tests such as Creatinine, GFR etc. Perhaps you may want to ask your family physician for a referral to see a general internist or a nephrologist.
There are lots of reasons for protein in the urine. Underlying illnesses, hydration status, infection and aggressive exercise all can lead to protein in the urine (proteinuria). A repeat test which continues to show protein necessitates initial tests by a primary care physician to see if you are at risk for kidney disease.
Protein in urine is an indicator that a potential kidney disease may be present. Very aggressive exercise can cause protein to show up in the urine. I would recommend obtaining a urine sample after a day or two of light activity. If protein is still present, I would do a 24 hour urine collection to determine the exact quantity of protein. If the quantity is abnormal, I would see a nephrologist.