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Root canal re-treatment - swollen cheek and gum bump?

I had my root canal re-treated 4 days ago. The prior root canal was done improperly many years ago, and the x-ray showed signs of infection, although I didn't have any symptoms. Retreatment was done by an endodontist. After the procedure, I developed a painful bump in the gum and swollen cheek. When it happened, the Dr. prescribed Amoxicillin. Today is my day 3 on an antibiotic. This morning improved significantly - I even almost stopped taking ibuprofen, but the swelling and bump persist. Swelling even slightly worse. Is it normal? Should I give it more time?

Male | 56 years old
Complaint duration: 4
Medications: Amoxicilin

6 Answers

The bump may not go away that quickly, so I would give it about another week. If it is still there after a week, you should contact the endodontist.
Sometimes it happens. Root canals sometimes don't work. There is a 7%-10% failure rate on them. This is due to very complex anatomy of root canal systems we're finding out. But luckily most of them work. If the bump doesn't subside in a week, I'd go back and see the endodontist again for follow-up. Remember, most of them work. There are newer treatments out in the last year which will correct these more complex root canal systems in certain teeth.
The antibiotics will take a few days to really mitigate the infection. If things persist or worsen, then you should call the endodontist.
Have the endodontist see you. He may have to drain the infection to aid the healing process. 
I recommend hot salt water rinses a few times a day. Absolutely finish the antibiotic. If the bump continues to grow, contact the Endodontist.

Drew Shulman, DMD MAGD
No, it is not normal. Go to see your Dr.