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Should I go to ER, urgent care or wait?

I have been having serious heel pain that continues to get worse, after 2 weeks went to an urgent care, and giving a walking boot, and steroid pack, that tapers each day, plantar facitis was diagnosed, but after putting on walking boot she was worried I might have a fracture that X-rays aren’t picking up. Took the steroids and did nothing all week, did the follow up with a foot doctor, and it was the worst visit I’ve ever encountered, dr told me therapy and up the Aleve to 3 tablets a day 3x, told the doctor there is something seriously wrong, it needs looked at, he blew me off and left the room.

The pain is intense, can’t put any pressure whatsoever on my heel, even sitting it horrible, if I weight bear, it’s insane, a sharp vicious pain that shoots from my heel up the side of my ankle, almost passed out last night while I had the ice machine hooked up to it. My wife wanted me to go to ER, I didn’t, but this morning I’m not sure what to do, do I visit another urgent care/er, or do I wait and let PT look at it, and probably say it needs looked at. I honestly have no idea what to do and am seeking advice, unfortunately I’m leery because I don’t want to be seen as pain seeking behavior, a bunch of people have unfortunately put us to this point, but there is something seriously wrong, any advice would be appreciated.

Male | 46 years old
Complaint duration: 23 days
Medications: Aleve

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Situation like these, I usually always ask the patient to seek a second opinion. Therefore I recommend a visit with a different foot doctor or orthopedics.

It's best to be evaluated by a specialist
I would recommend a second opinion/another podiatrist. In the meantime, don't bear weight on your foot/use crutches. If you go to an emergency room, they often do not perform MRIs other than brain MRIs, and I believe a more advanced study such as MRI may be indicated or a therapeutic block of the nerve causing pain.
I would recommend you make another appointment with a foot and ankle surgeon (podiatrist) for further workup and treatment. I do not think the Emergency room will be of much help at this time
You should see a Podiatrist. You should NOT go to the ER and you should NOT go to a primary care or urgent care for this problem.
Sounds like tarsal tunnel syndrome. Often missed. Sometimes a steroid injection around the nerve helps, many times surgery, tarsal tunnel release is necessary. Seek another opinion. In my town, only podiatrists are doing this procedure.

Geoffrey Bricker, DPM
This sounds like a serious problem. You definitely need a second opinion.
First question did you have any injury (fall, hit your foot into something hard). There are several possibilities but since you have had this pain for the last few weeks with no help from analgesics, ice or the boot. I would suggest the following. Get an MRI of the foot. Possible differential diagnostics from your symptoms can be the following. 1) Plantar Fasciitis, Torn Achilles tendon or tendonitis. Heel spur, fracture. Treatment would consist of the following: Laser, Shoe orthotics, surgery if a tear, soft or hard casting of the foot if there is a fracture. You can soak the foot in a Epson salt bath, keep icing, use CBD cream. My suggestion would be to go either to a chiropractor or podiatrist or orthopedist. If you have a orthopedic clinic that allow walk ins I would suggest that for immediate evaluations, verses the emergency or urgent care.
After reading your history, I would recommend you see an orthopedic specialist and get an MRI of the foot/ankle/lower leg. They may be able to get entire area in one scan.
If you are still in pain definitely get an X-ray.
You need to see a Podiatrist. They treat many people with your symptom.