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Should I go to the ER if my blood sugar is over 300?

I am a 20 year old female. I want to know if I should go to the ER if my blood sugar is over 300?

3 Answers

If this is the first time your sugar is that high and if you are a diabetic you might want to check with your doctor, whoever checked your sugar should be responsible for advising you, if it was not done fasting then it has no value
Yes, you should or see your physician today
What do the letters ER stand for? I would not go to the ER for anything but an actual life threatening emergency. Yes, you have a problem that needs attention that is not immediately life threatening. Go see a decent doctor (Internal medicine or family doctor) who knows something about diabetic control, but NOT the ER. In the ER you will receive, at best, treatment to lower your blood sugar now (if necessary), but nothing for follow up which is what is really necessary.,