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What should I do for my high tryglyceride levels?

My latest blood test shows that I have a high level of tryglycerides. What should I do about this?

I feel like my thyroid gland is enlarged. What scan would you use to confirm this?

I feel a slight pain around my throat, and it almost feel like it's my thyroid gland. The area looks enlarged. What scans would you use to see if my thyroid is enlarged?

What is the best spot in the body for insulin injections?

What is the best place in the body to inject my insulin so it can be the most effective?

Can prediabetes numbers be managed with just diet alterations?

My husband recently did his blood tests and they have indicated that he has prediabetes. The doctor has recommended diet and exercise to manage his condition, but is this the...

Can juvenile diabetes be cured?

My son is 7 years old and has been diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. Do you think that with treatment and activities he will be cured of it, or is this a lifelong condition?

Does overactive thyroid cause neck pain?

I have a shooting pain in my neck. Could this be due to an overactive thyroid gland?

My son has vitamin D deficiency. What should I do?

My son has a vitamin D deficiency. What can I do to help him overcome it? Should I give him supplements? Or, should I change his diet up?

What is the treatment for cushing treatment?

My 16-year-old daughter was diagnosed with Cushing's syndrome. The doctor was trying to treat with medication, but I'd rather her have another option. What is the usual course...

What is the best way to stop bleeding in a diabetic patient?

For people with diabetes, is there any specific way to stop bleeding since they are at higher risk of blood loss than others?

Is excessive sweating a sign of heart problem?

My husband sweats a lot. Does this always mean a strain on the heart or could it be something else?

My daughter has been advised Thyronorm 25mg. Will it be lifelong?

My daughter is on Thyronorm 25mg because of the increased levels of her thyroid hormones. Will this treatment be lifelong?

My son is gaining a lot of weight. Could it be some hormonal imbalance?

My son is 13 years old and is suddenly gaining a lot of weight. He's eating normally, so I don't think it's due to that. Could this be from some kind of hormonal imbalance?...

Why am I gaining weight despite of exercise and diet?

I am persistently gaining weight even though I have been working out and dieting. I am still not able to lose weight around my tummy. Should I get some hormones checked?

Bilateral medullary nephrocalcinosis and hyperthyroid

I have been diagnosed with bilateral medullary nephrocalcinosis in Jan. 2017. I have not received any care or treatment. Also back in June 2016, I experienced symptoms of hyperthyroid,...

My son is putting on a lot of weight despite being active. Is there something we should get checked out?

My son is 7 years old and is gaining a lot of weight even though he's very active. He eats pretty well, I cook every night and don't have too many snacks laying around. I wonder...

Can acupuncture help treat thyroid imbalance?

I have a thyroid imbalance in my body. Would acupuncture help as a supplemental treatment?

Does working in front of the computer for long hours cause hormonal imbalances?

I read an article that said working long hours in front of a computer causes a hormonal imbalance. Is this really true?

What is the impact of hormonal imbalances in the body?

I am 34 years old and lately, I have been having a problem with acne. I haven't had this issue since I was a teenager and I have been taking good care of my skin. I'm wondering,...

My feet sweat a lot. Is that normal or is it a problem?

My feet sweat a lot, and with socks and shoes it is only worse. Is it a normal thing or is it a sign of a problem?

My daughter is extremely short for her age. What should I do?

My husband and I are both of average height, but my daughter is extremely short. Why is this? Is there anything we can do about it?

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