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Skin rash during pregnancy?

I am 4 months pregnant and am experiencing itching with rashes on my hands and feet. I've tried a few pregnancy-safe creams but they haven't helped. What could it be? Could the rash and pregnancy be connected?

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Normally, pregnancy does not cause rashes. You may have a contact dermatitis, which responds well to most topical steroids (benign conditions).
Please follow up with your Ob and Dermatologist to determine what the rash could be. Can use Benadryl and hydrocortisone cream for itch relief, but please get evaluated.
They could be related or the rash could be a sign of many other issues. You should see your obstetrician for evaluation immediately.
Please call your doctor as this could be an indication of liver or gallbladder problems
Hello, and congratulations on your pregnancy,
There are multiple reasons for rashes in pregnancy all the way from simple contact dermatitis to more dangerous conditions that can involve problems with your liver and bile acids. Yes, some specific rashes are connected to being pregnant and can usually be expected to resolve once the pregnancy is completed. If you have eliminated any new products that you might be allergic to, then it is time to discuss this problem with your doctor or midwife. Not only can they provide more effective treatments to relieve your itching, but they can also make sure that nothing serious is going on. Sometimes rashes in pregnancy may be associated with more severe problems, so it is important to be seen by your healthcare provider if your rash is not resolving. Your health care provider may also wish to refer you to a dermatologist for additional help if they are unable to resolve this problem for you.
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I am sorry to hear about your rash. I t may definitely indeed be related to
your pregnancy. There are several disorders such as PUPP's or Puretic
Uticaria of Pregnancy or or Cholestasis of Pregnancy among others. You
should get a total bilirubin, AST.ALT, CBC with platteletts uronilinigen,
bile acids, and any other tests your doctor feel is appropriate. Dr.
One possible condition is cholestasis in which the normal flow of bile is affected by high levels of pregnancy hormone.
Another possible condition is PUPPS which results in a hive like rash (cause is unknown). Treatment for this includes topical corticosteroids/antihistamines/pine tar soap. Another potential cause would be eczema.
It could just be a pregnancy related rash but a more serious condition related to your liver function called cholestasis which your obstetrician should rule out
The rash may or may not be due to your pregnancy. I recommend bring
evaluated by your OBGYN physician. As for other over the counter creams
for hydration of your skin, there are no specifically recommended brands
for general usage.
Pregnancy can definitely have an effect on your skin and patient's do note rashes from time to time. In my experience most pregnancy 'hormone' rashes (can google 'PUPP') usually start on the abdomen and can be frustrating and bothersome. There are however some rashes or skin symptoms that can indicate a possible issue during the pregnancy. There is an entity called "Cholestasis of Pregnancy" which can at times be a risk for baby. It can present as itching especially of the palms. Make sure you discuss with your pregnancy health care provider and they can decide if you need blood work to check into that further. Otherwise I have had patients develop hormone type rashes so bothersome that no topical measures help and have to take oral steroids to get relief. Good luck.
Rashes in pregnancy can be due to a number of different things. Antihistamines such as Benadryl or Zyrtec can help but you should talk to your doctor and be evaluated for other conditions like PUPP which is a pregnancy related rash.

Yes it could be related however it may be viral. See your doctor for a check
Possible, would need to see it. During a pregnancy, anything on skin can go better or worse.
Yes, certainly it can be cholestasis of pregnancy, so please see your ob-gyn asap.
There are several rashes that pregnant women can get and not all of them are caused by the pregnancy.
The best way to determine what it is or could be, is to have your doctor take a look at it. The appropriate tests can be ordered if needed.
There are several rashes in pregnancy. One is called PUPP. It is a rash that is mainly on the abdomen and is very itchy. It usually occurs later in pregnancy. At 4 months I'm not sure what the rash is especially without seeing it.
There are a variety of itchy conditions that occur during pregnancy, but the itching on your hands and feet may be unrelated. I would recommend seeing a dermatologist, in case you may have contact dermatitis. It maybe easily treated with topical steroids, most of which are safe to use in pregnancy for short periods of time.
I have heard a lot of women that get this and it can be normal. HOWEVER, because there are dangerous things that can cause this, my advise is to go see your OB-GYN and see what they say and get creams they advise you to be on.
your skin rash certainly could be related to your pregnancy. You need to follow up with your obstetrician. You may have a condition called cholestasis of pregnancy which may havecertain risks during her pregnancy
The rash could be related to your pregnancy. You should see your OB as soon as possible for evaluation and treatment.
There is a pregnancy related rash called PUPPS. Your MD should check some blood work including liver function tests and bile acids to make sure it is not related to a liver condition that occurs in pregnancy called cholestasis. Oral steroids can calm the rash down. You can take an antihistamine like Benadryl, Zyrtec, or plain Claritin for itching.
Yes, it could be pregnancy related. Rashes can be part of pregnancy. Itching of the hands and feet can sometimes be related to cholestasis of pregnancy. I would advise to see your OB provider to examine the rash. If there is suspicion, do blood work to check you liver function tests and bile acids, this would rule in or out cholestasis in pregnancy. A referral to see a dermatologist may also be indicated.
The rash can be related to your pregnancy. There are several conditions that can range from mild itching to more severe liver disfunction. You should see your doctor to confirm the diagnosis. In the mean time you could try a moisturizing cream and benadryl for the itching.

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Possibly urticaria.
have to examine to diagnose. I cannot give an answer at this point in time because I have not seen the lesion.

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