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Skull surgery and brain tumor

I had a cancerous skull part removed and the tumor that pushed from my skull to my brain. Got a new skull part fitted, but now I'm dipping and am unsure if I'm deformed or if it's the jaw muscle reconnecting? Please help I nearly died alone in Korea and have had so much stress and difficulty getting advice. I hope it's just adjusting as it's reminding me if when I had a skull chunk dip missing, please redirect me if needed.

Female | 24 years old
Complaint duration: 2 months though 10 month since first op
Medications: None
Conditions: Had oncology and skull/ brain tumour

4 Answers

I suggest that you see a neurosurgeon if you are concerned about your cranioplasty, your skill replacement part.
I need more information. What do you mean “dipping” and what is the tumour type? Best, Dr Lohmann
1: Is your surgery on the side of the skull near the ear? If so temporal muscle atrophy does cause some dipping I noticed you are 24 years. The muscled will regenerate with time, it may not be symmetrical, but it will build up.
2: If you do not notice any neurological symptoms that are new, such as seizures, then you do not have to worry about any tumor growth.
3: if you are really concerned, (you had surgery 2 months ago:) a follow-up Mri can always indicate if there is any regrowth. In general muscle atrophy is the main reason and the bulk of the muscle does get better.
This can be a very individualized analysis. The two most important factors are: is the oncology aspect of your condition fully treated and in remission? The second aspect is to confirm that there is no residual pressure on the brain from a bone defect or replacement skull component. Assuming these more serious aspects are handled, then we can address the functional and cosmetic components including missing skull, jaw muscle attachments and atrophy, etc. You can contact a trusted neurosurgeon, or seek second opinion with myself, or my colleagues in this field to address all your needs - hopefully that will also help reduce your stress too.