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Small itchy bumps on thighs, is it serious?

For the past month I noticed very small, red, itchy bumps on my outer thighs (both legs). Nothing happens when I scratch them but they are very itchy. It almost feels like goosebumps. What is this?

8 Answers

You need to consult with a dermatologist and get meds for itching and give him more of medical history and get a skin biopsy perhaps
Lichen amyloidosis
Can be multiple things - Folliculitis , benign vasculitis. Would need to be seen by a dermatologist.
You may have folliculitis, which is inflammation around the hair follicles. This can be caused by friction, infection or something blocking the hair follicles. I recommend using a moisturizer with anti-inflammatory properties such as pramoxine. Easiest brands to find are Sarna sensitive and CeraVe Itch Relief. I also recommend wearing loose clothing until better. See your doctor if it does not improve or if you start running fever.
There are many causes of red bumps on the thighs, some of which could be serious. I suggest you make an appointment to be evaluated.
From the pictures I cannot tell, but if it's sudden and itchy, you need to go to your physician and have them look, as it's something that would need to be seen before telling you what it is.
This rash needs to be seen by your dermatologist. It can be many things. Starting with keratosis pilaris or some other type of follicle disorder. There also looks like some redness to them. further history is necessary. So please schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

Suzanne Sirota Rozenberg, DO, FAOCD