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Small object stuck in my anus?

This is kind of embarrassing but here it goes...I was messing around with a sex toy last night (silicon) and the small tip apparently had a tear in it and as I pulled it out, it broke off inside. It's only about half the size of a AAA battery. Will I just eventually poop it out, or do I need to go somewhere to have it looked at?

Male | 43 years old
Complaint duration: last night
Medications: none
Conditions: none

6 Answers

Should pass out with next bowel movement
Get oil base fleet enema n insert into your rectum by lying on your left side. Wait five minutes n sit on the toilet. Gently strain n the object will pass out .0
Given your description, you will likely pass this with your next stool. You should definitely seek medical care if you experience bleeding, pain, inability to poop or pee, or have fevers/chills.
You should be able to poop it out. If not, I would certainly seek medical help.
Since I am unable to examine it would be best to consult your personal physician.
Based on the description, size, and material, this object should pass without any problem with your next bowel movement (or two). You may not see it unless you do some digging around. If you have a persistent sensation of something in the rectum, an examination by your doctor is in order which may include a proctoscopy. Because the object is silicone, likely it will not be seen on an x-ray.