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Sprained ankle?

There's a spike or like a hump in my MRI pictures around my ankle is that supposed to be normal?

Female | 41 years old
Complaint duration: 28/02/2021

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Go to a medical professional. It can be anything from an abnormal growth or a mass.
This looks like some inflammation. It’s hard to give a diagnosis based on one MRI slide unfortunately
If you are referring to the black spot with the white in front and behind, yes that is a bone of your foot, called the talus. I recommend you discuss the MRI with the ordering physician for more detailed explanation
That is the normal contour of the bone of the ankle, the white stuff around it is fluid and likely some inflammation to the area.

Without actually seeing the x-rays it is hard to say what the spike or hump is. It could be a bone spur.

Dr. Lui
You cannot tell much from just looking at one MRI picture and it is not a great copy. You have to have someone read the MRI that has expertise and then combine that with an examination to get an opinion
The white areas you are seeing with the ‘spike or hump’ is what we call an effusion (excess fluid) inside the ankle joint. Effusions come with injury/trauma and are a sign of swelling after a recent injury. The shape of the spike is just the way the fluid is showing up inside-there is no physical spike or hump there.
Hard to know what you are pointing out. If it is the black "hump" on the posterior talus, then yes, that is normal.

Hope it helps!!

Dr. Bose
Difficult to see image, but if I am looking at it correctly, I believe it is a small fracture, but again, image is fuzzy.
Pix very grainy but it looks normal from what I can see.