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Starting to feel crazy

Recently I have been having these moments where I do the opposite of what I'm thinking. For example: I will think to myself "don't spill the water" but then I will have a jerk reaction where I will spill it, almost like I did it on purpose. This has been happening more frequently and I'm starting to feel like I'm going crazy. Is there something wrong with me?

Female | 32 years old
Medications: Breo inhaler
Conditions: Asthma

2 Answers

In order to determine why is this happening you need a full evaluation.
You seem to be describing a reflexive behavioral reaction that is opposite to your thought. Many people would consider this a form of obsessive compulsive disorder. Frequently obsessive compulsive disorder involves thoughts or actions and behaviors that are virtually the opposite of what one would ordinarily do. In Somewhat older Termanology, these actions are ego dystonic – that is not consistent with who you are as a person. OCD does not make a person crazy. It is just a pattern of thinking. The fantastic usage of talking therapy called cognitive behavioral therapy with exposure response prevention and mindfulness has proven very very successful. Medicines have also been very helpful. Would strongly encourage you to seek out a Psychiatrist familiar with obsessive compulsive disorder that can describe in depth both non-medication and medication options for you, while taking into account the medication‘s your on and your own personal preferences.

Lance Steinberg MD, Inc.
Assistant Clinical Professor
UCLA (Geffen) NPI