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Swollen upper eyelid

Woke up yesterday with a red puffy upper eye lid that was sort of painful, this morning it isn’t as painful but was a little more puffy. Could this be cause from a lot of dust and pollen if I have been doing a lot of fall cleanup outside (leaf mulching ) etc

Male | 42 years old
Complaint duration: 1 day

11 Answers

usually not, most likely a clogged gland and stye.
needs to be seen by a doc
This looks like a stye, or in medical terms, a hordeolum. A hordeola usually from a bacterial infection of the oil gland inside of the eyelid.
You should go to the optometrist and get antibiotic pills
This is infectious blepharitis due to dirt and dust. It needs a warm compress, systemic and topical antibiotics.
You probably should have this checked out by an optometrist because the eyelid inflammation can cause serious issues.
Any eye condition such as this should always be checked immediately by an eye doctor. A slit lamp exam would tell the doctor more about what is going on.
With limited information I think you Could have a stye/preceptal cellulitis, please see your local optometrist for proper diagnosis and treatment. Good luck
Any eyelid lesion need to be checkout by an eye care provider, they can range from contact dermatitis to cellulitis, cellulitis is dangerous because it can lead to more severe consequences like meningitis.
The resolution of the photo is very poor. It could be related to the cleaning you were doing. If something flew in it could've to cause an allergic reaction. Use artificial tears, cold compresses 3-4 times today, if not better by tmr come in to see the dr.
Eyelid irritations can be caused by numerous problems and this should be evaluated by an eye doctor for evaluation and treatment. Some possibilities may include a stye or hordeolum which is an infected blocked gland, a chalazion which is a non-infected bump from a blocked eye lid gland, ingrown eyelashes, basal or squamous cell cell skin cancers, or bug bites to name a few. I would strongly suggest that you please make an appointment to see an eye doctor. A face-to-face appointment would be best in order to figure out exactly what your problem is. Good luck and best wishes.
Looks like Pre septal cellulitis . Requires treatment with oral antibiotic