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Tailors bunion

I’m 15 and a have foot pain in one foot as well as a red hump a little bit under my pinky toe, it feels like just my right foot is cramped In my shoe but it hurts whenever I put it on. I am a little worried I might be developing a bunion

Male | 15 years old
Complaint duration: 1 month
Medications: None
Conditions: None

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Given the duration of your symptoms and the concern about a possible bunion, we recommend scheduling an appointment with Jose Loor Podiatry Practice for a thorough examination and diagnosis. Our experienced podiatrist will assess your foot, discuss your medical history, and provide personalized recommendations for your specific condition.

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From the illustration it looks like you have a Tailor's Bunion however radiographic (x-ray) analysis would be the next appropriate step.
It appears as though you have a tailors bunion. These are genetic so look at your parents feet and 1 of them probably has the same condition. If it hurts try a wider shoe because surgery to shift the bone over back into its place is usually required to remedy the mal-structure and pain.
For now you need to wear wider shoes and a pair of custom inserts/ orthotics can help stabilize the joint until you have a surgery to correct it.
It looks like you definitely have a tailors bunion developing . As your
foot grows in length it will grow in width so you should wear try wearing
shoes that are double wide and also 0.5-1 full size larger than normal to
allow for extra room. If it's still painful I'd recommend seeing a surgical
podiatrist for a consultation.
Good luck,
Dr Gelbmann
It is definitely a Tailors bunion. They are outgrowths of the 5th metatarsal head with the tendons that insert on them pulling in the valgus direction along with a genetic predisposition. It is too late to use an orthotic device to slow the progression of the drift-but if it's pain free you leave it alone and since youre only 15 so the growth plates are not complete surgery is not an option yet.
Hello, loooking at your pic, you are developing a tailor's bunion, which is bump on the pinky toe joint. this signifies a dislocation of the toe joint. please consult a podiatrist, exam, and xray to provide full treatment options.
We can help you with that and get you comfortable to where it is not bothering you. We have openings tomorrow and next week. Would you like to come in?
Hello it does seem like you are developing tailor’s bunion and that’s pushing your pinky toe towards 4th toe. For now try wearing wider shoes, gel pads to avoid more pressure and pain. These usually run in family. Overtime if these get worse, you will need surgical correction but you are 15 so your bones are not fused yet. You should have a podiatry consultation in the meantime if it continues to get worse. Hope this helps.
Yes, you do have what's called a Tailor's Bunion or also known as a Bunionette. The way to conservatively treat this is by wearing a wider shoe and also being fitted for Orthotics. If conservative treatment fails then we can fix it with a minor surgical procedure. I hope I answered your question.
Dear Parent or Legal Guardian of 15 year old Male,

Tailor's bunion or bunionette with associated hammertoe has causes including but not limited to: Hereditary predisposition. Aggravated by shoe gear. Aggravated by flat feet and feet that point out. Symptoms often include the following but are note limited to: Pain in closed shoes on the tailor's bunion itself.
Occasional burning, numbness and tingling around the bunion and big toe area.
Painful hard skin (calluses) on the ball of the foot. Stiffness and swelling in the joint secondary to bursitis or cartilage damage.

If there was an acute injury 1 month prior, then a foot x-ray is necessary to rule out acute fracture.

If the pain is worsening in intensity or duration over the last month, a foot x-ray is necessary to rule out stress fracture or growth plate injury.

If the pain only occurs with a certain type of shoes, discontinue these shoes and try a wider toe box with mesh top cover; or open toed sandal to see if the pain alleviates. Under adult supervision, Ice and take anti-inflammatory medication as needed. This is likely a situation of joint bursitis. You should check the shoe size and fit; given the active growth of pediatric feet. Your child may be wearing older shoes or cleats that are too small.

If your child has flatfeet, then orthotic inserts may be a solution to minimize the pressure at the point of pain.

Given the duration of your condition, an office visit with a Pediatric/Sports Medicine Foot and Ankle Specialist is recommended to conduct biomechanical exam, gait exam, footwear exam and foot X-rays. Conservative and surgical treatment options could then be accurately diagnosed and discussed.
This is a developing bunionette. Seek orthotic care.