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Thin skin?

l am 22 year male, and my skin is becoming thin, especially on my hands and palm after a bath. I have a pruney finger due to 2 years back, atenolol tablet overdose poisoning side effect. How do I stop it? For the last two years, I have had depression so I take more than 2000 mg of atenolol tablet (selective beta-blockers, cardiac depressant) to harm myself that time it didn't have any effect on my body and s skin but now I see my skin becoming thin and fragile, especially on my hands and palm. Is it due to the atenolol tablet? What can I do now for preventing and stopping further damage and reverse my skin condition?

Male | 22 years old
Complaint duration: Last 6 month
Medications: No
Conditions: Mild

3 Answers

Atenolol is a theory complex molecule. The best approach would seem to be an extraordinarily through analysis by an outstanding university affiliated academic Dermatologist. This would really help understanding the skin and all of its layers and particularly point to interventions.

Lance Steinberg MD, Inc.
Assistant Clinical Professor
UCLA (Geffen) NPI
Your best bet would be to see a Dermatologist.
Thinning skin is not a usual side effect of atenolol at high doses, but
atenolol is most often used as a blood pressure medication, so most
definitely speak with your PCP about what you are experiencing as well.