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Treating allergies?

I have seasonal allergies, Flonase and Nasacort don't work at all. Is there something else nonmedical I can use I am miserable with this nose congestion.

Male | 73 years old
Complaint duration: 2 months
Medications: spiriva atorvastatin amplidins
Conditions: high blood pressure copd and high cholesterol taking medication for all 3 of these

6 Answers

Hello, have you always had allergies or is the nasal congestion only in the last few years? The reason I ask is there is a condition called non-allergic rhinitis which is commonly seen as we grow older and this condition does not respond well to nasal sprays. It would be good to visit either your primary care physician or allergist so they can examine your nose and look for alternative causes since you are miserable and not responding to standard sprays. Please feel free to reach out to me Kind regards, Dr. Deepa.
You can try Breathe Rite strips. These are examples of a non-pharmaceutical treatment. Certainly working with an ENT or Allergist will be your best bet.
Considering your comorbidities and refractory nature of your nasal symptoms, you need an evaluation by a good specialist in the field of allergy and Immunology. There may be a few reasons for your condition. Each one would require a prescription medication.
It’s unusual to have zero effect from nasal corticosteroids on seasonal allergies. Sounds like you should be checking in with your allergist or regular doctor to see what else may be going on
You need to see a board certified allergist to get relief. You can try over the counter antihistamines but you may need to be on allergy shots. They will reduce your symptoms by 80-90%.
Dear sir, sorry you are struggling with congestion. There are some other medications - oral and other sprays - that can be considered but I advise you see an allergist since they can be contraindicated with your other co- morbidities. In terms of alternative therapies I cannot comment as that is not my area of expertise.