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Very tight neck

My neck is always tight. I get regular massages. Can chiropractic help?

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Yes chiropractic may help. Neck tightness can originate from tight muscles and/or restricted motion in the joints of the cervical spine. One can cause the other and vice versa. A chiropractic exam can determine the cause of the neck tightness.
Most of the time, yes. But get checked before any treatments.
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Possibly. Find one in your area that perhaps has a massage therapist in the office so you can do both at the same time if needed. You will know more after you get an exam.
Yes. The problem is in finding the cause of your tightness. If muscle work itself isn't solving the problem, then taking a deeper look with a musculoskeletal specialist (one looking at the relationship between bone and joint and how they interplay via muscles) is the next step. Choose wisely- a good chiropractor will spend more than 5 minutes with you and focuses on the entire spine, your posture and your work positioning/daily habits.
Hello. Massage is great to relax the muscles. Yes chiropractic can help with decrease range of motion and tightness.
Yes. If muscles are always tight, then getting evaluated by a chiropractor is a definite must!
If you have never tried chiropractic for you ongoing symptoms, it is an appropriate and, in many cases, a very beneficial option.

As long as you can give information on what, where, duration and how your symptoms or discomfort affect your life, and ask what you can expect from your chiropractic practitioner. If it makes sense to you, then go for it. Do not be afraid to ask questions. If you are not getting your questions answered in a way that makes sense to you, move on.

Before you choose a doctor, educate yourself on different methods of Chiropractic. Make sure the doctor you choose has the licenses and certifications described by the practice. Performing your due diligence is always prudent!
Yes. A chiropractor would do an exam and X-ray to see what is causing the tightness. Usually it's a pinched nerve that is causing the muscle to be tight and can be fixed with chiropractic care.
I would suggest getting an exam from a chiropractor to find out what's
causing this. Get a motion study to see whats working in there and not
working. That will give you more of an answer than tight muscles. I hope
this helps!
Chiropractic can provide some relief, but you have to answer the question
of why it is always tight. I would look into finding someone who uses
McKenzie therapy locally to see if you have an issue with an intervertebral
disc, and see if anyone uses Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization or DNS
near you to see if you're using those tight neck muscles to compensate for
instability or improper breathing patterns.

You must ask yourself: "where do the muscles attach?"

To the bones! Namely in the spine! Massage will help release muscle tension, but getting adjusted with some regularity will better align the structure (spine) the that muscles attach to, helping the massages last longer and promoting better health and overall function!

At least go get checked! Your body will improve drastically.
Thank you for your question. If your neck is tight, chiropractic care can
help you depending on the cause of the neck pain. Chiropractors will
examine and test your neck and upper back to determine the correct course
of care. Massage is very helpful when done in conjunction with chiropractic
as well.
Absolutely! Getting adjusted increases range of motion, inhibits pain by stopping the chronic pain spasm - pan cycle. You'll see. I encourage you to find yourself a Chiropractor asap. Love massage as well but combining the two is an awesome experience. Good luck and enjoy
Well “very tight,” is a vague description to respond With any useful advice about manipulation. A/an adjustment/ manipulation cervical spine can have affectiveness to the muscle spindles gain. Or non volutional tension at rest. This possibly decreasing the tightness of your neck. It could also do the opposite. Then the question would be is this change plastic or short lived? I will stop there.

However, there are many metabolic disorders, genetic disorders, etc... example would be GAD1 enzyme antibodies causes, ( or AS (Ankylosing spondylitis).

So, make an appointment with someone that is referred to by a trusted source such as another doctor or a few friends. Read reviews and plan on giving health history along with any blood work to help aid in the diagnosis. Imaging is always helpful
If massage is not helping an underlying condition may be imminent. A proper physical examination
can determine the cause of your condition.
So chiropractic can help you depending upon
the results determined.
When neck tightness keeps returning after massage (or any treatment), it
means that you are not getting to underlying cause of the tightness. There
are many causes for neck pain and it is possible that chiropractic can
help. The only way to find out is to get a thorough chiropractic
evaluation to find the cause.

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I would recommend visiting a chiropractor for a consultation, examination and cervical x-rays. This would give you a 2nd opinion about your complaint and the x-rays may reveal something that could be underlying and contributing to your chronic neck tightness. Hope this helps.
In a word, Yes. However there are a few things to know first.
Massage is great for the soft tissue and has many health benefits.
The soft tissue being the ligaments, tendons and muscles.
If there are any bony misalignments, massage will not help realign those.
Many people are in need of that bony alignment first and foremost and then
if get a massage it will have the ability to do much better and last much
I would highly recommend that you seek out the care of an experienced Upper
Cervical Specific Doctor in your area first. This is type of chiropractor
that has advanced training in being more detailed and more precise with you
and focuses mainly on the cervical spine or neck area.
If you need help in finding a good one in your area let me know as there
are a few different types of techniques and methods of performing the

Hope this helps...
Dr Arnone
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Probably. If the problem is muscular, ligamentous or osteoarthritic, chiropractic treatment can likely help. Treatment could include therapeutic exercise, electric muscle stimulation, therapeutic ultrasound, heat or cold and spinal manipulation. You must undergo a medical interview and physical examination at the chiropractor, just like at the MD, but with our specialization in the musculoskeletal system.
One of the symptoms of a subluxation (or misalignment of a vertebral joint)
is taut and tender muscle fibers. Chiropractic and massage work
wonderfully together. I would recommend scheduling an appointment with a
chiropractor and having an evaluation to see what chiropractic can do for
Yes, it can. Chiropractic treatments are specifically designed to increase range of motion of the spine.
Most definitely! One of the things chiropractic adjustments do is help restore motion to that area of the spine. With this restoration of motion you'll see less tightness and less discomfort in that area. As with any chiropractic adjustments consistency is the key to see long lasting results. I would also recommend continuing with the massage work as that helps focus on those tight muscles. I hope this helped answer your question.
Yes...if it’s a musculoskeletal problem, then Chiropractic can definitely help.
Absolutely! Chiropractic care and massage work very well together because
with chiropractic care, we are working on the joints, and with massage,
they are working on the muscles. If you work on both, we can get some
great, fast results.
Yes it can! It can help take pressure off the nerves that are causing the tightness.
In cases where an area remains tight after massage or other relaxing
techniques, Chiropractic is often an excellent option.
Yes. Chiropractic manipulations will be extremely helpful. Releases noxious neurotoxins responsible for pain and increase range of motion.
Absolutely ----chiropractic will not only help it will get rid of the problem

Dr David
Chiropractic can definitely help. Massage and Chiropractic go very well together. Massage helps decrease the muscle spasm, but if the cause of the muscle spasm such as a misalignment is still present then the spasm will come back. If the misalignment is corrected thru Chiropractic then it allows the muscle tightness to be alleviated especially along with the massage.
Thank you for asking. To address your complaint specifically I would need
to know more information about you and the nature of your complaints in
more detail. No one has a crystal ball that allows one to diagnose a
particular patient without directly examining that patient, but I can
answer your question in general terms. Tightness, stiffness, or chronic
low level pain in the neck are common complaints that bring people to the
Chiropractor. These complaints generally respond well to Chiropractic
care. However, it is important to determine the underlying cause of the
Yes it can. Xray the neck and see if you have a cervical curve.
Yes I think chiropractic may. If you have bones out of place in your neck your mucles will react to their misalignment
Without an exam I couldn't tell you for sure but chiropractic does great for neck problems. If massage isn't helping than you probably have a structural problem not a muscular one. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

Thank you,
Dr. David Campbell
Yes chiropractic can definitely help with chronic neck tightness but a full evaluation would have to be completed to make sure you are a candidate for manipulations. Making sure to add in some exercises as well as ergonomic changes to your workspace or daily activities will make a huge difference.
If bones in your neck are out of alignment, so are the muscles attached to
them. All the massages in the world won't correct that. See a Chiropractor
to balance your cervical vertebrae, and your muscles will then have to
re-adapt to going back to where they belong as well. Then, your range of
motion will increase and your tightness will decrease. Got your back!
Yes, it is very possible chiropractic adjustments could help reduce your pain and discomfort. When you get a massage you are only addressing the soft tissue, if you have fixed joints the massage is only doing half of what you need to get better. By working on the hard tissue ( bones ) you will now be addressing the complete joint complex. If you have further questions do not hesitate to call my office for a free consultation.
It's one of the most effective ways to treat chronic neck pain and tension available. I've been treating patients for almost 18 years and the results are amazing. Try it!!
Tremendously. I suggest also looking into class IV cold laser therapy, accupunture, PT, and essential oils.
Yes, it will most definitely help. And hopefully, you will be able to space out your massages.
There are various reasons to have a tight neck. Do you have a history of falls or auto accident or any other neck injury? (This could be back from being much younger). Quick answer yes.
Absolutely! Tight neck muscles are a sign of undetected neurological
damage. Chiropractic removes nerve interference by realigning the vertebra
in the spine. Chiropractic and massage work wonderfully together.
There is a good chance chiropractic can alleviate. There is a good chance
that the stiffness you are feeling is not from the muscles directly but in
the joint capsules. A chiropractor will probably check the joints in your
neck, upper back and shoulders to see if the stiffness is actually coming
from those joint areas. It's also good to rule our osteoarthritic changes
that can lead to stiffness but even that can be addressed by a
There are many possible causes of a 'tight feeling' in the neck. Have you
been evaluated to rule out any medical conditions as a cause? If none were
found, and if regular massage treatment by a good therapist has not helped,
then it is pretty safe to say it is not 'just a muscle problem.' It is
certainly not a deficiency of muscle relaxers or NSAIDs.

Since joint fixation can be a cause of tight feeling in the neck, a
Chiropractic evaluation would be appropriate. Chiropractic doctors are
experts in determining and correcting joint fixations. They can also give
you advice on posture and exercises that could be of benefit and bring you

Biochemical imbalance from nutrient deficiency or occasional excess can
also contribute to the symptom of 'tightness.' Consulting with a clinical
nutrition expert would be appropriate.

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There are many causes of neck stiffness. The most common is from muscular.
Many people with neck stiffness may have previous injuries, overuse or even
bad sleeping habit. If massage can relieve your neck problem temporarily,
then you might fall into this category. Chiropractic can help tight neck if
you have misaligned cervical spines. People with muscular issues in the
neck area would most likely have misaligned cervical spines. Therefore,
adjustment can most certainly help your condition. But, you still need to
find the cause of your stiff neck. Otherwise, the therapy, treatment you
receive might still be temporary relief. Hope this helps.
Chiropractic can definitely help with neck tightness. Especially if you aren't finding relief with regular massage.
Yes, we can help. We also do myofacial work specific to you neck to release excess tension from everyday life.
It definitely can help. The muscles keep tightening up and continue to
cause symptoms due to one or multiple misalignments in the neck. The
massage releases the spasmed muscles which results in instability of the
neck so they have to tighten back up again to do their job and creates the
pain again.

Dr Andy
Yes Chiropractic can help. You need someone to look beyond the muscles. Massages are great, but it is just working on the muscles. Chiropractic and massages combined together can definitely help.
Thank you for your question. Often it can! Chiropractic care not only focuses on the proper function of a bone but also the associated muscles around the spine. Often, the body will recruit muscles if the bones are not functioning properly, resulting in a tight feeling. If a massage only get your temporary relief, or you still feel a little tight after a massage, chiropractic care can be an option for you. When choosing a chiropractor, it is important to choose one that has your best interest at heart, typically resulting in a trial of care of between 4-8 visits to see what benefits chiropractic can have for you.
Massage is great, but only addresses part of the problem if your condition is a combination of muscle tightness/spasm and joint restriction/misalignment. If you can find a chiropractor that performs instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation combined with chiropractic manipulation, if needed, it would be the ideal treatment for a tight neck.
Yes, chiropractic can help a lot with aberrant movement. I tell patients all the time structure governs function. When your structure fails, your function will fail. We treat the structure and then we refer to our in-house physical therapy or if you would like, outside physical therapy to help with muscle function and rehab to create a lasting change.
Yes. It can help relax the tension and relieve stress.