Gastroenterologist Questions Acid reflux

What are some of the causes of acid reflux?

I am 31 years old, and lately it seems that I always have a burning sensation in my stomach. I haven't made changes to my diet. What could be causing this?

2 Answers

Firstly, we need to be clear about the site of the problem. You mention acid reflux but this would affect the esophagus, mainly in the form of
heartburn, which is felt in the chest. You did not mention heartburn but rather stomach burning as the symptom.

Many people have both heartburn and stomach burning, but surprisingly, heartburn responds better to antiacid medications compared to stomach burning.

Bottom line is that acid reflux (an esophagus problem) should be treated with antiacids such as zantac or prilosec. Stomach burning may not get better with those same pills and could be caused by H pylori infection, ulcer, gastritis, or stomach hypersensitivity (functional dyspepsia). For stomach burning, best to get evaluated by a primary care doctor or GI doctor.
Avoid acidic foods. If symptoms persist then please see your physician.