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What are the key challenges in the everyday life of a physician assistant?

I have just started my career as an assistant to a physician. While I am still undergoing my on the job training, I would like to understand what are the key challenges that a physician’s assistant goes through in the everyday job routine?

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You need to know some basics of health conditions that the doctor is dealing with on a daily basis and what the doctor needs to have help in the range of different procedures a doctor is performing and what your required skills are to assist the doctor as a physician’s assistant.
The key challenges are unlikely to appear in your textbooks therefore this is a key question.
First of all is the « image » of the doctors you serve. Believe it or not but the way you dress, the way you behave, your speech and body language will interfere/influence the patient’s perception of the doctor’s skills.
Second is the many ways in which you will breach the Medical confidentiality without you noticing it e. g. answering a phone call while others are listening to you or assuming that your correspondant is fully aware of the matter although he/she isn’t.
There is other points to highlight indeed but tell me whether those few lines are of any help and if you want more.
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I am a physician, a MD. The daily challenge is to keep the balance between give an excellent service and get the right pay.

Myriam I. Melendez-Rosa, MD