Family Practitioner Questions Insomnia

What can I do to help with my insomnia?

I have been suffering with insomnia for the past 5 years. I have tried sleeping pills, melatonin, and sleepy tea. Nothing seems to help me. What else can I try to help this?

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If you haven't already done so, I would strongly recommend seeing a behavioral health specialist such as a therapist as they can be really helpful for chronic insomnia cases. They'll likely start wit relaxation techniques and a set of principles known as sleep hygiene.

If you've already tried all of that and you're still having issues, then there may be a role for prescription medication - however, I don't recommend nightly use of such medication unless nothing else has worked as risks of dependence are significant.
Insomnia is hard subject especially if it’s been chronic problem

Try the following:
Avoid alcohol or caffeinated beverages after 5 pm
Sleep daily around same time
Avoid day naps
Bright light during the day and dim light before sleep
Avoid screen time 1 hr before bed time instead read a book from regular book or listen to music
Take melatonin at 7 pm
I hope those tips about sleep hygiene will help you
Just wrote and published another Health Tip on my Facebook page, “Your HealthStyles for Life by Ken Hurst, MD.” It’s called “Sleep, Sweet Sleep,” and I think it’ll help your insomnia problem. I may write another one sometime more specifically on insomnia, but this covers a lot, and hopefully you’ll find your answer.

Ken Hurst, MD
We would recommend a complete history and physical exam as well as some labs to make sure there is no underlying metabolic, physical, or psychological component that is interfering with a good night’s sleep. Sleep is so critical to well being, and there are many factors that can affect it. We would be glad to see you and help you figure this out!