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What can I take instead of antidepressants?

I have depression and want to treat it. What can I take instead of antidepressants?

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Proper diagnostic evaluation is key. Psychotherapy is effective for mild to moderate levels of depression. Ruling out medical causes of mood changes and the effects of substance abuse would be important. Transcranial magnetic resonance is also effective for mild to moderate depression. There are other neuromodulation treatments that are on the horizon.
Depression is a common problem and it is my personal opinion that all
people will experience depression if they live on this earth. Situational
depression may be a normal response to circumstances that are out of our
control or perceived to be out of our control. Evidence based medicine
shows the best results are for patients that use both pharmacologic agents,
Antidepressants, and are engaged in therapy,
psychologist/psychiatrist/therapist. Depression can come from lack of
Sunshine, often referred to as Seasonal Affective Disorder or from
malnutrition, hypothyroidism and an assortment of other reasons. St.
John's Wort is an herbal OTC tablet that is sold as a supplement. It is my
understanding that St. John's Wort is or was the #1 prescribed agent for
dealing with Depression in Germany. I have heard good results from some
patients and others, but as always consult your doctor before starting.
SAM-E is also an over the counter supplement that is often taken for the
reason of depression, consult your physician before trying. If you are
having suicidal or homicidal thoughts I would recommend you seek
professional help, i.e. Doctor/Psychiatrist/Emergency Room.
Talking about depression can be cathartic and very helpful in allowing you
to understand why you are having depression and in my opinion may be a
large part of therapy along with coping mechanisms and other techniques to
help guide you to a better place.
Physical activity and social interaction are also quite crucial to help in
dealing with or reducing depression. It would probably be a good idea to
take a Once Daily Multivitamin if you feel your diet is inadequate.
I believe in God and frequently use prayer and meditation to help guide me
into a better state. Following Christ has taught me a lot about
forgiveness. Unforgiveness in my heart had caused bitterness, anger, and
depression. However forgiveness broke the bonds of those emotions on me.
Reading through the Psalms can be quite helpful as the authors also dealt
with many situations that undoubtedly would cause depression. Psalm 23 is
a common scripture that people read or pray to help lift them up.
I lift up in prayer whoever asked the question. I hope you find peace
and freedom from the depression you are now experiencing.