Psychiatrist Questions Depression

What is the relationship between depression and anger?

I'm a 36-year-old man and I've been on medication for my depression for several months and it does seem to be helping a lot. But now I'm dealing with anger more often. Is this a side effect of depression?

3 Answers


There may be several reasons for your anger. One it can be a side effect of your medication. Then it can be that you have an undiagnosed unspecified mood disorder that is triggered by treatment with regular antidepressants. As I don't know much about your current treatment, it is difficult to assess your specific situation. You need to consult your psychiatrist about this, so he can evaluate your symptoms.

Victor M. Santiago Noa, MD, Psychiatrist
Your antidepressant may be too active. For example, Wellbutrin could do this. Please talk to your doctor.
Yes, irritability is sometimes a symptom of depression.