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What can you not eat with a dental bridge?

I got a dental bridge 2 days ago. I want to know what can you not eat with a dental bridge?

4 Answers

You should be able to eat most anything. A bridge is something that is cemented in place and should act like normal chewing teeth. If this is not the case, there may be underlying issues that need to be addressed.
If the bridge is a fixed bridge that does not come out of your mouth, you can eat anything. If, however, it is a removable bridge then chewing hard things and tough to chew things will put excess force on the teeth and gums that will be supporting it.
A permanent bridge, after the first day or so, should allow you to eat anything you would normally eat. Go easy at first to get used to the "feel" of the bridge and make sure when you bite that the bridge does not "bang" against the opposite jaw. If it does, see your dentist again to make a bite adjustment. If the bite feels perfect go ahead and eat anything you would. Very sticky taffy and other sticky foods should be avoided, if possible. Make sure to clean under the pontic of the bridge (where the missing tooth was) in the manner your dentist showed you.
In our profession, a "dental bridge" is non-removable and replaces one or more missing teeth. I have 2 of those myself and eat whatever I want (but carefully clean them). Some people call "Removable Partial Dentures" a bridge, and those are usually made with plastic, and are much less sturdy.