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What causes extreme pain after tooth extraction?

I am a 22 year old male. I want to know what causes extreme pain after tooth extraction?

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Typically, you would not expect "extreme" pain after an extraction unless the tooth had other circumstances that would cause that such as an abscess or it was impacted. Extreme pain should be evaluated by whoever did the extraction to be sure it is not a sign of a complication.
Dry socket, necrotic bone at extraction site if the blood clot is rinsed/wash away from the site.
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The severity of pain depends on how difficult the extraction is. If it is a surgical extraction, then there will be more pain.
That depends. You might have had severe infection. The extraction itself is a surgical procedure after which a socket wound is present. It doesn't heal the same as anything outside the mouth. You also might be developing recurrent infection. Go back to the doctor who extracted the tooth, get evaluated. Your body may react in different ways to any medical procedure, and there are many factors which may affect the healing and presence of pain, and it is important to get evaluated.
Dry socket, a condition which happens when you lose the blood clot from the extraction socket, exposing bone.
There could be multiple causes; one of the reasons is what is known as a "dry socket".
Extreme pain happens if blood clot is lost from the extraction socket, causing bone exposure. This is known as dry socket, which needs irrigation and dry socket dressing by dentist.
You have not provided enough information for me to determine what may cause extreme pain. It could be normal post operatory discomfort, or it could be a dry socket, a secondary infection, fractured jawbone, retained tooth fragment, etc. If you are still in pain, you should contact the doctor who extracted your tooth and make an appointment to see him or her.