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What causes severe period symptoms?

I'm trying to find more information on what can cause my period symptoms to be as severe as they are beside the generic ones google has. This is because I've seen my current health care provider multiple times about this and they keep ignoring it or telling me that I'm pretty much exaggerating my symptoms and my period keeps getting worse.

Female | 18 years old
Complaint duration: years
Medications: adderall metformin eye and nasal allergy meds
Conditions: few mental health diabetes (2) and painful periods

2 Answers

You may want to seek out a specialist in Pelvic pain who will more thoroughly evaluate your symptoms, it could be a sign of a cyst, or endometriosis, these can be evaluated with an exam and ultrasound and sometimes diagnostic surgery.
Could be endometriosis? See a gynecologist to discuss more about this.

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