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What could be the cause for Upper back pain?

I normally have upper back pain between my shoulder blades.
Twice it's gotten so painful (stabbing pain), that I found it difficult to rotate my ribcage . During those two times (separated by appx. 6 months), I managed to get the issue temporarily resolved by a masseuse. Yet I'm now experiencing other symptoms that may be associated.

I've begun to feel tingling in my left arm if I lay in a certain way and sometimes numbness on my right toes?? The pain has begun feeling like a burning pain, it sometimes feels like it goes through my chest.

I'd blame posture but I don't have the tendency to slouch and my job requires me to sit so pain in the lower back would make more sense.

Female | 24 years old
Complaint duration: 2 years
Medications: Iron, zooloft
Conditions: Anemia

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Sounds, like a PINCHED NERVE. & your body demanding your attention. Sooooo what’s the solution?
You have 2 options
1- Self care: go to
Get economic assessment of your work, home, and social activities that could be contributing to building the pressure on the nerve to act out when it is overloaded.

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2- Professional care:
Look for a chiropractor that offer his corrective care program companies such as ideals fine have a list of doctors that you can choose from to fit your ZIP Code.

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Great question and yes when we sit a lot the lower back would be what we would think would hurt. I see a lot of patients who use the computer a lot and they get mid back pain. A lot of the time their shoulders are high and rounded which most practitioners associate with upper cross syndrome. They exhibit your symptoms. I can't tell you that is what you have but seeing a chiropractor can clear up the confusion.
Spinal misalignment called a subluxation can often go undetected. 95% of all spinal subluxations s[end many months or years without symptoms. That being said the symptoms you are explaining sound very much like symptomatic subluxations. Have that checked by a doctor of chiropractic?
There could be many causes of upper back pain. These causes could include musculoskeletal problems, spine joint problems, muscle problems and things like that. There could also be problems that involve your liver, gallbladder, pancreas, or stomach. Hormones and nutritional imbalances can cause these types of pains or amplify the pain that you are experiencing. Sometimes medications can cause musculoskeletal problems as well like muscle aches or pains. Numbness and tingling are typically associated with nerves, so you may be pinching a nerve as well. It is important for you to get this checked out by a healthcare professional, and I would recommend
Thank you for your question. It sounds like you need to see exactly what is causing this nerve pain. Most likely it could be coming from your lower neck. I would suggest going to a corrective care chiropractic so that you can see the health of your spine on x-rays and if there is any damage causing this nerve pain.
Pain down the arm can be caused by several different conditions, but I found commonly that the radial nerve in the arm gets compression on it while you sleep which causes pain/tingling to radiate down the tricep and into the top of the forearm and into the middle finger. Its usually to stress on the shoulder while you are sleeping in a certain position. Try to put a pillow underneath the arm or bw your chest and the mattress to prevent excess rotation. That as well can cause your midback to hurt due to the excess torque and the way we sleep at night. Also if your pillow is to big, it can cause your neck to elevate which compresses the nerves on the opposite side which can over time cause repetitive stress and cause compression on the nerves as well.
When it’s bad, do you have pain when you take a big breath? It could be a rib joint is getting stuck. That’s what I thought until you mentioned the tingling. That sounds more like pinched nerve pain. You need a proper exam. Go to and find a chiropractor near you to get an exam and to get treated.
There are numerous possible causes of your symptoms. Since these symptoms have been present for over 6 months, I recommend that you get evaluated by a Doctor of Chiropractic or Medicine for a accurate diagnosis. The fact that you get worse symptoms with changes of position indicates that Chiropractic may very well help you. Also, it is a positive sign that massage helps improve your condition. Numbness and tingling with burning sensation are all Nerve symptoms. So, go get properly checked soon and I wish you the best in your recovery.
It sounds like you need a good evaluation with a Doctor of Chiropractic. The message obviously provided a temporary time period of relief. Now it is time to be evaluated and learn the true cause of your condition.
Good information and analysis of your predicament. The rib joints can experience dysfunction as spinal joints and patients explain it as a stabbing type of pain. Since you are feeling tingling into your hand I would visit a chiropractor. You can try cat-camel exercise or foam rolling
your mid back for about 20 seconds twice a day for a few days. If that doesn't work, I would once again see a chiropractor.
In chiropractic we routinely find the cause of your condition to be thoracic anterior (forward) displaced vertebrae. There are many symptoms associated with this: chest pain, rib cage pain, sharp pain when cough or sneeze, difficulty taking a deep breath and some even develop chronic indigestion. In the thoracic spine the ribs have two articulations (attachments) to the vertebrae. One to the transverse process and one to the body of the vertebrae. When the vertebral body displaces forward these articulations become fixated and normal motion is limited resulting in muscle pain, tension and nerve irritation. If it goes untreated it can eventually radiate to the lower neck and back. Chiropractic is the only profession that recognizes and has an effective treatment for this situation. Also, if the doctor does not recommend x-rays to rule out any underlying pathologies insist on them or find another doctor. Ask friends if they see a chiropractor. That is usually the best referral source. Yours in health.
Based on your symptoms it would appear that something is pressing or impinging on a thoracic nerve root.It would be advisable to get a thorough examination including an MRI if these symptoms persist for more than couple weeks or worsens.It could be a chiropractic problem where a vertebra is fixated out of an alignment and inflammatory processes have begun, or it could be something else. If the chiropractor suspects a more serious issue then you should be referred to an orthopedist/neurologist for evaluation.

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