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What happens if you take off your braces early?

I am a 16 year old female. I want to know what happens if you take off your braces early?

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Your teeth may not be straight or stable if braces are removed early.
Most likely your teeth will relapse unless you are in some type of retainer.
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It is important to finish your treatment. If you must have them removed, you should consult your orthodontist about if your bite is okay. You may have to wear retainers so that you don’t lose the progress you have already made. My advise is to consult your orthodontist.

Dana Truesdale, DDS
Without proper support, your teeth can go back to where you started!! Retainers are needed so the tissues can heal and strengthen in their new positions.
You get a compromised result
If you take off your braces early, the teeth may still be misaligned/crooked. You may be more prone to relapse, which means they may go back to the way they started.


Dr. Price