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What is cerclage?

My friend had cerclage put in during her pregnancy. She had several miscarriages before this pregnancy. What exactly does cerclage do to prevent miscarriage?

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It tightens the upper of the cervix.
A cerclage is stitch that is placed through the cervix to keep it closed to help prevent pregnancy loss in patients who have had losses due to painless opening of their cervix, and also in pregnancies where the cervix appears to be opening. These patients also are given vaginal progesterone, all with the hopes of preventing a loss.
It prevents premature opening of the cervix.
Your friend has a weak cervix, called cervical incompetence or insufficiency. Cervical cerclage is a surgical stitch placed on the cervix. It prevents the weak cervix from opening early in pregnancy, leading to miscarriage as well a premature birth.

There are various methods: McDonalocedure is most popular. However, some women may be more suitable for Shiradkor procedure-a bit more complicated process.

I know your friend will be careful during this pregnancy: Bedrest and abstaining from sexual intercourse will help.

Good Luck!
A cerclage is a suture that is placed circumferentially around the cervix in the hopes of strengthening a cervix that has been proven to be weak in the past (multiple previous pregnancy losse). It is meant to be a physical method to keep the cervix long and closed. When done in a preventative manner in the right context, they are quite successful.
A cerclage is a suture or “stitch” placed in the cervix (the uterine opening) which prevents premature opening of the uterus resulting in miscarriage. It is used in women diagnosed with incompetent cervix in which the cervix lacks the strength to remain closed.
The cervix is simply sewn closed to maintain the pregnancy.
This is a very complicated area of obstetrics and I don't think I can adequately answer your question on a website. I recommend scheduling a consultation with MFM
Cerclage is a stitch that is placed to tighten and close the cervix. It is
used in women that have funneling of the lower uterine segment or
subclinical cervical thinning and / or dilation. It does nothing for early
pregnancy losses in first trimester but can be very effective in late first
and early second trimester pregnancies
A cerclage is a stitch placed in the cervix to strengthen and support it so it doesn't dilate prematurely. Cerclages are often placed in patients that have been diagnosed with an incompetent (weakened) cervix or who have had surgeries on their cervix and it is felt that the structural integrity has been compromised. In these patients, pregnancies can proceed normally until 16-22 weeks at which time the cervix will slowly start to dilate because of the weight of the pregnancy tissues pushing down upon it. It can progress to the point that a pregnancy loss can occur. The cerclage can be quite instrumental for these patient in subsequent pregnancies. Unfortunately, placing a cerclage after it has premature started to dilated (sometimes call a heroic cerclage) rarely works or prolongs pregnancy more than a few weeks.
A cerclage is simply putting a stitch in the cervix to close it off. The
most common is the McDonald cerclage which is a purse string like stitch to
close off the cervix. The 2nd most common is an abdominal cerclage which is
done abdominally or better said below the bladder. The stitch is usually
removed around 37-38 wks or if labor ensues prior to that time.
simply stated, a cerclage ties the cervix closed.
Thank you for your question.Cerclage is a surgical procedure perform to manage patient with history of recurrent pregnancy losses attributed to cervical insufficiency (also used to be aka cervical incompetence). This condition usually occurs in the early to mid second trimester where patient reports painless cervical dilatation with spontaneous labor with previable fetal loss or expusion.The procedure can be done trans vaginally  or transabdomnially.This procedure have its inherent risk and the indication be well established prior to this procedure. It has enabled women with this condition be able to maintain pregnancy to well viable gestation age.Hope this answers your question.
Cerclage is a stitch placed in the cervix to strength it. There are times when a woman's cervix is found to be too weak to hold a pregnancy, this could be genetic or secondary to surgeries on a cervix or trauma.
A cervical cerclage is a suture, or stitch, placed in the cervix to prevent painless cervical dilation. Candidates for this procedure usually have a diagnosis of cervical insufficiency that has led to second trimester loss in the past. This is not a good option for someone with a history of true preterm birth/delivery, better options for this type of history include use of 17 OHP injections to prevent early delivery or monitoring cervical length with transvaginal ultrasound every 2 weeks, usually starting around 16 weeks gestation through the mid to late second trimester.
Cerclage is a procedure done under anesthesia - the uterus entrance is closed with a purse string suture threaded through the cervix- it is to prevent loosing the baby, which can happen if the entrance is weak. The weight of the baby pushes on the weak cervix and it will dilate it, also the water bag is exposed and can easily rupture, leading to miscarriage. The cerclage keeps the cervix closed and protects the pregnancy.
Simply put it is a stitch that is put in the cervix surgically to keep it from opening up too early in the pregnancy. It is usually performed in the second trimester.
When woman has one or more miscarriages in the second trimester, especially if she is found to be significantly dilated without much pain, cervical incompetence is usually suspected. Cervical incompetence is a condition where the cervix is not strong enough to hold in the pregnancy. A cervlage is a stitch or suture that is placed around the cervix to prevent it from dilating. It is usually removed around 37 weeks to allow the cervix to dilate with labor.
It prevents the cervix to open up before 36-37weeks ,So the pregnant patient does not miscarry and deliver a healthy baby ,basically cerclage is a stitch a doc put it around the cervix to keep it close .
A cerclage is a involves sewing the cervix in a purse-string fashion to keep the cervix closed. This is usually done for people who have a weak cervix that tries to open spontaneously(usually without any pain) instead of staying closed until labor ensues.
A cerclage does not prevent miscarriages that are associated with pain/cramps and bleeding.
A weak cervix which opens up prematurely causes a miscarriage. A cervical cerclage is a surgical procedure which tightens up the cervix and prevents the miscarriage or premature delivery.
The cerclage is stitch on around the cervix designed to keep the cervix closed until it is removed around 36-37 weeks of pregnancy. It is used for those people who have a history of the cervix opening prematurely causing recurrent pregnancy loss.
A cerclage is a specially placed stitch that is placed to support the cervix. It will act to give reinforcement and strengthen the closed cervix