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What is the best diet recommended for IBD?

My father has recently been diagnosed with irritable bowel disease. What is the best diet recommended for him?

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Irritable bowel is not the same for everyone. I would encourage a diet journal so you can determine if there are patterns of what foods cause the symptoms.
Avoid trigger foods. Eat more healthy foods, fruit and veg, as natural as possible. Reduce stress.
So, this depends a lot on the patient and specific diagnosis. It would be important for him to keep a food journal and see if he notices any trigger foods. As a rule, avoiding seeds, spicy/greasy foods, and other GI irritating foods is important. My general guideline to patients is if God put it on the earth, it is probably OK to eat. (The fewer processed foods
the better.) But, again, this will depend on his work-up, his other medical history, and specific diagnosis.

Thank you!

Allison K. Key, MD
The Crohns and colitis foundation publish a nutritional publication. I encourage you to read this information and listen to your father's GI physician. Individuals will also have unique triggers and these should be determined and avoided. During a flare-up, your father should avoid high fiber and anything difficult to digest. Integrative Therapeutics makes a physician's elemental diet powder. This product is formulated for GI dysfunction and can be used to supplement when needed.
Everyone is a little different but he may get relief from a low residue diet.
High fiber put a nutrition consult
Gluten free
Lactose free