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What is the clicking thing chiropractors use?

I am a 33 year old male. I want to know what is the clicking thing chiropractors use?

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It is called an Activator. Some chiropractors use it as their primary form of making an adjustment ... I personally only use it for smaller joints, like wrists, feet, and sometimes cervical/neck adjustments!
It's a sound called cavitation and the theories differ some say it's an air or fluid pocket and others have it like an elastic band of the ligament or tendon
I believe you are referring to the Activator or some other tool used to create a HVLA adjustment that will move 3-800x faster than your body will react to it.
The "clicking" thing that Doctors of Chiropractic utilize is known as the "Activator" methods. It's actually a technique that was developed by Dr. Arlan Fuhr, who has spent over 40 years in clinical research and private practice. The Activator is a tool that Chiropractic uses to increase the level of specificity regarding delivery of an adjustment. Doctors using this tool aren't required, but are highly recommended to take specific Activator courses to deliver the most comprehensive treatment possible.
I do not speak for the profession; however, there are a variety of tools used by Chiropractic Physicians used to mobilize joints. Some tools may illicit a clicking sound. Tools often require minimal pressure to be applied, which can be useful in treating arthritic spines, and with children, which don’t require much pressure for care.

That "clicking thing" is called an Activator. It is a tool some chiropractors use as a non-invasive way of adjusting. These C\chiropractors use a protocol in deciding where to use the Activator on the spine.
It's called an adjusting instrument, or Acivator gun.
It is called an activator
It is actually called an Activator adjusting instrument! It is associated with what we as chiropractors refer to as “non-crack” chiropractic. It very gently and safely moves vertebrae into alignment. I use it for infants, toddlers, and patients who don’t like the sound of the joints “cracking,” which is really a release of nitrogen gas from the joint capsule.

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It's called Activator, an instrument that some chiropractors use to adjust the spine.

Jeffery P. Jones, D.C.
It is called an activator.
The clicking thing most chiropractors use is something called an Activator. It's a chiropractic instrument used by some chiropractors to help their patients. I recommend it for elderly and small children/babies. It's a very gentle way of helping a patient with their problems.
It is a handheld instrument used to treat the joints. It is called an activator, or a chiropractic adjustment tool.
That instrument is called an Activator. It is one of many techniques within the realm of Chiropractic.