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What is the easiest antidepressant to come off of?

I am a 35 year old female. I want to know what is the easiest antidepressant to come off of?

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We apologize as we're unable to assist/answer as, in dementia, many meds can be sedating. Please seek a psychiatrist.
The one with the longest half life, which implies the lower risk of withdrawal syndrome, Fluoxetine. However, it is not completely free of some discomfort at discontinuation.
Prozac is the easiest one because it's metabolite desmethyl fluoxetine.
Lexapro is typically the most well tolerated anti-depressant and it does need to be titrated down when discontinuing. Side effects may still include rebound depression and anxiety.
Possibly Prozac as it is long acting but then liaise with your primary provider for the best possible treatment option as that can be informed by other factors as well. Hope that helps!
Most people feel that Prozac, because of its very long half life, is the easiest antidepressant to discontinue. Hope that is helpful, and always consult a physician regarding potential withdrawal symptoms and concerns.

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Fluoxetine is the easiest because of its long half-life, so there are less "withdrawal" symptoms, you can stop fluoxetine and because it stays in the system for longer, you are less likely to have side effects from immediately stopping.
Most likely prozac.
Your doctor can create a schedule for you to gradually taper off of your antidepressant.