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What is the surgical operation to remove wrinkles?

I am a 38 year old female. I want to know what is the surgical operation to remove wrinkles?

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At age 38, wrinkles are removed non surgically with topical treatments, hydrofacials,micro needling, peels, LASER treatment.
If the wrinkles are under your eyes,
1. Lower blepharoplasty
2.CO2 laser for the wrinkles if you are not dark skin person
If the wrinkles on your face,
1. CO2 Laser resurfacing, if you are not a dark skin person
2. Mini-face-lift. .....however, usually 38 years old is a little young for surgery
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Wrinkles are also called rhytides. Removing rhytides is called a rhytidectomy. Another term for rhytidectomy is a facelift.

If you are 38, however, I would not recommend a facelift to you. Generally, the earliest I would offer a facelift to someone is in his or her late 40s, ideally 50s-60s. Past one’s 70s, you may be too old to be a safe surgical candidate if you’ve developed heart (cardiac) or other chronic medical conditions.

There may be other less invasive options such as dermal fillers, neurotoxins (Botox), skin resurfacing (lasers, peels, dermabrasion), or skin care that can help you meet your aesthetic goals.

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