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What is wrong with me? Shins and hips

I have had two problems over the past 6 years that are keeping me from living my life. I am a 20 year old 5'7, 152 lbs college student that lives a healthy lifestyle, but I can't do it much anymore. My shins have been in chronic pain since I started running cross country and track, causing me to have bilateral shin splints (inside of my shins). In 2017, it began preventing me from doing anything more than a brisk walk. The pain is entirely on the inside shins and goes from 3 inches below the knee all the way to 2 inches above my ankle. I believe the pain is on the bone or right near it because that's where the inflammation appears to be.

After seeing plenty of doctors, getting X-rays, bone scans, and MRIs, they concluded that I have a partial stress fracture in my right and major inflammation on the left (the MRI was in August 2020). Doctors just pass me around until they come out inconclusive and the cycle begins again. My shins both have the same pain level of a 9/10 at the worst and I'm just looking for more advice on how to possibly fix this. I've done all the treatments over these 4 years: ice, heat, loads of rest, many types of massages, electrodes (with and w/o ice at the same time), cupping, PT, chiropractor, scraping, every stretch, ultrasound, infrared laser, whirlpools, dry needling, shoe orthotics, bone supplements, etc.

My second issue is completely unrelated to my shins (or is it?). While working at Lowe's last summer, I was pulling a 500lb load of tile on a pallet jack truck (basically walking backward with the jack handle in my hands and facing the tile) and began to feel a pain in my hips days later that rivals the pain in my shins. It is more restrictive than my shins - I feel pain while sitting down now - and I've been to Physical therapy and chiropractors for this too. The stretches help alleviate it slightly but almost immediately after I feel the pain again. Another symptom is when I open my hips (while sitting down) as if I was manspreading, I feel pain in the area where the femur meets my hip bone and it's very dull pain. However, while I'm standing, I feel the pain in that area and also in the front left/right area of my body (lateral to my groin)

The reason I'm unsure if the two are related is that a chiropractor told me because my back is out of line (by 7 degrees), it could be causing me not to heal. However, I'm not going back to this chiropractor because my insurance covered like 8% of the $1300 I paid to them, so no thank you. My body just doesn't seem to want to heal anywhere below my hips so who knows, hopefully, you can help.

Male | 20 years old
Complaint duration: 6 years
Medications: n/a
Conditions: Chronic shin splints, hip pain?

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You need to see a specialized Chiropractor who does AMIT. You can find them at
It appears to me that you may be having a muscle pain or nerve pain. Have you done an MRI of the Lumbosacral spine? There may be a disc prolapse?
I would stop eating meat, dairy, and gluten. Patients never want to do this when in fact it is the very thing that needs addressed. There is no sense applying this treatment and that therapy if the fuel going into the body is pro-inflammatory. You are putting out one fire while starting another. I would begin cryo-tube sessions twice weekly for 4 weeks, then down to once weekly, then down to once monthly.

I would continue the chiropractic indefinitely because it is not a treatment it is a lifestyle -- you'll only really benefit once you commit to keep your spine and nerves in line and online for the rest of your life -- this is no different than brushing your teeth everyday -- except your spine and nerves are more important than teeth, and are irreplaceable vs. a tooth which is totally and completely expendable.

* Consider finding a chiropractor with decompression therapy -- you may have lower back nerves that need decompressed and those nerves do in fact supply the hip/shin areas. Just a thought. I see hundreds of patients every single week in my clinic and this therapy helps significantly with "pains that just won't go away."

Lastly and most importantly, I would forgive anyone in my life that I am holding grudges against, including yourself. This is extremely powerful. No one wants to complete this task either -- if there is guilt, shame, anger -- it needs to be diffused, balanced, neutralized.

* Repeat the following: "I forgive you, I thank you, I love you."
* Repeat this one also: "I live up to my highest standards with love and with joy."
* Many times shin pains are due to a person thinking they are not living up to the ideals that they think they you feel as if you are not meeting someone's standards, even if it's your own?
* Listen to this daily while getting ready or in shower:
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It seems you have tried just about anything -- so I would highly recommend considering these exercises and action steps -- the worst thing that could happen is you heal from the inside out (true healing).
I wish you the very best of luck!


Dr. Brandon Buttry
Hi there,

I'm so sorry to hear you are so young and experiencing this chronic pain. The shin splints may be exacerbated by footwear, lack of insoles, or simply the way you walk. There are some treatments I have in mind which may help. This includes taping, foot/ankle adjustments, and possibly foot/ankle exercises to undo some of the micro-traumas you've experienced.
Thank you for your question.

Dr. Morales, D.C.
I would get a weight bearing lumbar MRI with flexion and extension views. It may be your lumbar discs.