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What should I do after a bone graft?

I will have a bone graft. What should I do after a bone graft?

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Did you get postoperative instructions from your doctor?
Take the antibiotics they gave you and keep the area clean.
Eat and drink normally so you can heal.
Don't smoke!!!!
If you have more questions ask your doctor.
In order to optimize graft healing, the graft material should not be disturbed from chewing force and the site must remain infection free. This will typically mean that the dentist will require that you not chew directly over the site for the duration of the bone graft healing and (s)he will likely require you to use an antibiotic and perhaps an antiseptic mouth rinse initially for the first week of healing. Depending on the grafting method, graft healing time is variable. It can be as quick as 4 months and sometimes up to 9 months.
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Leave the area grafted alone. DO NOT Brush or agitate the site. Use medications as directed. Soft diet
Be careful what you eat and don't forcefully spit or eat food like nuts or anything granular.
After a bone graft, you will be given simple and easy directions from your Dentist. Bone grafting can be completed in one simple appointment. Every patient is different as they heal.