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What should I do if my ankle hurts after working out?

I am a 28 year old male. I want to know what should I do if my ankle hurts after working out?

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Did you have an injury? Are you overloading your ankle with certain exercises? If the problem is repeating itself then see your doc to evaluate why this is happening
Need to be evaluated by a specialist for ankle ligament instability or possible tendonitis.
So sorry that happens. The ankle sometimes gets stressed because like any joint the muscles around it needs to be strengthened. The ligaments around the joint also need time to develop so that you can avoid an ankle sprain which I know you would never want. We would love to see you to make sure you have a good work out routine. Don't ignore pain that doesn't go away after 3 consecutive days of a workout. That's the time you must see an Orthopedic surgeon.
Typically the most common pain of the foot in runners is plantar fasciitis, this is the bottom of the foot. If the ankle is painful then it’s most likely a tendon sprain or overuse. Depending on the location it’s different tendons. Lateral mid region tendons are most common and inside of the ankle is less so as the deltoid ligaments there are extremely strong. Tendon pain usually resolves with period of rest and short nsaids course. However pain that is dull, insidious, nocturnal and persistent is a sign of fracture which would require mri to diagnose.
If you have not hurt yourself in the past or don't have arthritis, you can get yourself evaluated for foot or ankle misalignment or leg length discrepancy etc. See your family doctor or a podiatrist
It depends on what is wrong and what structure(s) is really the issue/what the pathology actually is. There are many reasons for 'ankle' pain, and many times, patients call things 'ankle' pain which are not actually related to or involving the ankle. You could be having pain in the foot at the sinus tarsi, part of the Subtalar joint (the joint below the ankle). Sometimes, what is referred to as 'ankle' pain is a tendinitis or tendon tear. Sometimes there is actually a pathology with the ankle, such as an osteochondral defect, or a ligament sprain/tear around the ankle joint. So, you see, it is impossible to make such a diagnosis without being evaluated in person by a good podiatrist/foot and ankle surgeon.