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What stops the itching of eczema?

I was diagnosed with eczema. What stops the itching of eczema?

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There are several things that can stop the itch from eczema. Things as simple as not taking long hit showers and doing shorter showers or not using super hot water can often help. Good moisturizing is key to helping the skin heal. There are several good moisturizers out there. Using a no fragrance one is important. I often recommend vanicream as it works well and it’s not too expensive or using Vaseline also works well but is more greasy feeling. When the skin is very bad sometimes you will need prescription strength cream or ointment and then should see your medical provider. I hope this helps.

Kay Kelts
Cortisone creams are preferred over oral intake of antihistamines or steroids.
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Itching that is associated with eczema may remit on its own; however, it can be relieved with treatments such as oatmeal soap and Eucerin cream.
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So long as the affected skin is not infected, many times steroid creams can be used. These range from hydrocortisone (which can be obtained over the counter) to prescription steroid creams. You should have your primary care provider look at the rash. In severe cases, you may need to see a dermatologist.