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Which is better dentures or dental implants?

I am a 44 year old female. I want to know which is better dentures or dental implants?

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Depending on bone level, you will need an evaluation by an implants specialist doing 3D.
Consulate with your dentist if you are good candidate for implants. Should be better.
Both are wonderful restorations. Dentures are the conventional way of replacing teeth that patients have lost. However, it is harder to get used to them. Dental implants offer the opportunity for you to replace missing teeth in a most attractive and most natural way the mimics “real” teeth.” Dental implant are the most costly choice.
Implants will protect the jaw bone from years of destruction. Function in eating and tasting your food will be better. More confidence in speaking.
Your question requires a fairly complicated answer because the two services are at opposite ends of the spectrum financially, which you will find out when you start exploring the processes. You should find a very reputable prosthodontist (dentists can provide this service, but they would have to do a lot of these procedures to be very competent) and explore what's best for you. Don't settle for someone because the cost is less - sometimes that can be an indication of quality.

Dr. Laurentis Barnett
Implants are much, much, much better, especially for your age group.
You ask an important question. The answer is not simple. There are a number of factors to consider. How much bone is present to support implants? What is the quality of the bone? Are you a heavy smoker? Do you have diabetes?

There are a number of options to give great results, but consideration is to be given to each of the above during treatment planning. Your question suggests you have no natural teeth remaining. If that is the case, you will have dentures. The question is will they be supported entirely by the gum tissue, partly by implants, or entirely by implants? When implants are possible, a greater support for the dentures is possible.
My best to you on this most important journey.
The following is my opinion:
1. DO NOT take all teeth out and make "full denture".
2. Save as many teeth as possible and make "partial denture" or "implant".
3. Remember- your own teeth is much better than implant
If you can afford to do so, implants function very much like your own teeth. A denture is a piece of acrylic that comes in and out of your mouth and has a 10% of the chewing efficiency of your own teeth. Very few patients are really happy with a denture.