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Why do I need to keep my foot elevated after surgery?

I am a 49 year old male. I want to know why do I need to keep my foot elevated after surgery?

3 Answers

Elevating prevents the blood and bodily fluids from collecting in the feet and legs due to gravity, thusly, reducing or preventing swelling in the surgical area(s). Icing also reduces swelling by preventing inflammation and increased fluid collection in the feet and legs.
Because the foot will swell and be more painful if you let it hang on the ground
After any injury (surgery is basically a controlled injury), you will experience a great deal of swelling. Too much swelling can be detrimental to the outcome of the surgery, and can cause other issues with healing. Elevating helps to keep the swelling down, and helps with pain control. When you elevate, you should be elevating your extremity above the level of your chest, if possible, for the first 72 hours to 1 wk after surgery, then it is ok to elevate a little bit lower than your chest. Blood, like any fluid, flows 'downstream.' So elevating above the level of your heart makes the blood have to travel 'upstream,' decreasing the amount of swelling