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Why does Invisalign hurt my teeth?

I wear Invisalign aligners and they hurt my teeth. Why does Invisalign hurt my teeth?

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Generally any kind of tooth movement gives you mild discomfort. You can take OTC painkiller.
If it is properly seated no
That depends. Clear aligners can make your teeth sore while they are moving. It is similar to other types of orthodontic treatments. It should not actually damage them if you are following your dentist's advice and wear schedule.
That means that the aligners are moving the teeth according to the plan. The biology around the teeth is changing allowing for bone to remold around the moving teeth. This pain should diminish within 2 days of a new aligner. If it doesn't, visit the dentist who programmed the treatment plan.
I hope this helps.......Dr. Joshua Haimovici
Teeth hurt when they are moved, either with braces or Invisalign. I had braces as an adult, and my teeth were sore and sensitive to cold things. You'll find that whenever you go to the next aligner, you'll have the same sensation, and it tapers off over time until the next one. Usually mildly annoying, not terrible. The soreness, aches mean it is working!
Invisalign is sore because we are moving teeth. Your tooth is surrounded by a ligament that acts like a trampoline for a tooth. When you move teeth, you put pressure and/or stretch these ligaments to move the teeth. If your health history permits, tylenol will work well.
Because they are moving your teeth. That requires a lot of pressure to move teeth through bone.
Just like braces, you are moving your teeth, so some pain is expected and normal.

Laurentis Barnett
It is normal for teeth to hurt during orthodontic treatment.
Invisalign, like all braces, are designed to put pressure on teeth to get the desired tooth movement. Every time you put in a new aligner, there is a different pressure, forcing your teeth into new positions. This pressure causes inflammation of the tooth. It is in fact that inflammation that jumpstarts the process in your body to allow the tooth to move. With each new aligner, you can expect to have sore teeth for a couple of days.