Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon Questions Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom teeth pain after they're gone

I had all 4 wisdom teeth removed at once about five years ago. Once in a while, I get a dull radiating pain in the spots where the teeth once were. Is this normal?

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No. They should take a panorex X-ray to evaluate the extraction sites and make sure there are no other complications that are happening.
Not normally. Occasional pain at the extraction sites of wisdom teeth 5 years out from surgery is unheard of. I would be conserned that there may be something else going on like a bone like fragment or debris under the tissue, but this is usually only seen weeks of so after surgery. If the patient has a history of bruxism or clenching they may develope pain in the jaws that are realated to muscle, bone, and or teeth. In any event I would recommend a 3D Cone Beam exam and exam by your surgeon and evalate the areas where the teeth were removed to rule out any sourse of pain from the surgery/teeth.
Hello... pain this long after wisdom teeth could be a myriad of possible causes... without a examination and panoramic radiograph... unable to determine cause of pain.
No this is not normal. Sometimes there can be a pocket around the gum tissue on the last tooth which can

cause soreness do to harboring plaque and not removing it adequately. Also muscle soreness from clenching often referred as bruxism can feel like pain from the

wisdom tooth area.

dr. BOB
If not a consistent worsening issue, it may be a symptom associated with long-term healing. If concerned, however (or if symptoms persist) you should probably have an oral surgeon take a look...
Pain at the site of third molars (wisdom teeth) 5 years after extraction is unusual. Typically if there is infection or nerve injury, pain would occur sooner and more persistently. Why can there be pain now? I would recommend to see a local dentist or oral surgeon to rule out a few serious but rare concerns. This could be secondary a pathological growth in the jaw bone where you had third molars, a referred pain from TMJ disorder, a referred pain from other teeth in the mouth that are infected. Other causes of pain are atypical pain with long names which would require more history and examination to evaluate. Bottom line, see your dentist. I might be nothing but let's be sure. Thanks,
No that doesn't sound normal ! I would recommend a follow up Panorex to Rule out any Pathology !
Not sure what would be causing it unless there was some minor damage to the adjacent tooth. If it persists, have your dentist check it out.
It could be phantom tooth pain, or a new carious lesion could be forming in an adjacent site to the previous third molar extraction.