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My body has been itching me now for six months, and I went to the doctor and they gave me an injection and scabies cream, but fortunately I'm still scratching and itching. What should I do next please?

24 years old
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You and everyone who you live with or have close contact with includings pets needs to be treated for scabies at the same time and repeat treatment in 1 week. Also, need to wash all linens, clothing, etc. Anything that can't be washed needs to be placed in a bag and closed for 2-3 days to suffocate any mites.
That is the wrong way to treat scabies. You should find a doctor who has experience working in Asia. These bugs must be properly cleaned out, otherwise their eggs will keep on infecting.
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You need to go back to the dermatologist. A biopsy at this time would be appropriate in one of the areas that are itching you. You need to see if there is anything underlying and causing the itch.

Suzanne Sirota Rozenberg, DO, FAOCD
You may need another treatment.