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After my braces were taken off, my teeth became very sensitive.

I'm 22 years old, and I had my braces taken off a few weeks ago. If I eat anything hot or cold, it makes my teeth hurt. Should I see a dentist? Or do you think that this is normal?

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See a dentist for diagnosis and treatment.
Go back to your dentist
Due to the teeth movement, it could get sensitive after removing of braces. Give it time and it should go back to normal. If the sensitivity dies not go away, have your Dentist check it out.
Check with your dentist better.
It could be normal. If it isn’t back to normal in a couple of more weeks, or gets progressively worse, I would definitely go see your Dentist!
It’s actually very common to have some sensitivity. I usually recommend using sensodyne toothpaste and avoiding cold water while drinking and brush ones teeth. If the problem continues then a visit to the dentist is definitely encouraged
I would recommend seeing a dentist to rule out decay. It could be sensitivity, but I would seek a professional consult.
Your discomfort should be temporary, but best to see your dentist for an examination and possible palliative care to alleviate your sensitivity. A professional tooth cleaning followed by a fluoride varnish application with a prescription of an Acidulated Calcium Phosphate toothpaste can help remineralize your teeth and reduce sensitivity.

Dr. Joe Ferraro
Thanks for your question. It is not unusual to experience sensitivity following bracket removal. If you have not had an evaluation or exam completed by your dentist, I encourage you to do so. There are multiple reasons your teeth are sensitive. The simplest reason is that you may need a cleaning to reverse gingivitis. X-rays should be taken to determine if you have any cavities. If something doesn't feel right, it is better to go in for a check-up.
I hope this helps!
Did you ask the orthodontist about the sensitivity? I would recommend getting either the orthodontist or your dentist to check to find the reason for your sensitivity.
You probably want to mention your sensitivity to your orthodontist and dentist. During the process of braces it is harder to keep things as clean as one should so it is easier to develop cavities. I always recommend that my patients get a good cleaning and exam following braces removal. It is also possible that your sensitivity is due to exposed nerves. There are nerves in the ligament space that holds the tooth in the bone. When teeth are moved the bone remodels and the nerves can become exposed and cause a zing of pain/sensitivity. This sort of sensitivity usually resolves on its own over the following months. The only way to tell which is the cause is to rule out cavities through a dental exam. In the meantime Prevident toothpaste and a product called MI Paste Plus can help with the sensitivity.
I would highly recommend you see a dentist as it is not normal to be sensitive, especially to hot drinks.
Some sensitivity is within normal limits. It may go away with time. The best answer to your question will come from your orthodontist.
It happens for a while but if your teeth is healthy and was not worn off then it will get normal after while but if not then go and see a dentist because sometimes while the braces are on the teeth get their protection off due to improper oral hygiene maintenance so get them checked