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Are cavities contagious?

I am a 22 year old male. I want to know if cavities are contagious?

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Just to adjacent teeth

The short answer is yes. We always recommend not to share spoons, etc., as bacteria can travel. If a cavity is in between teeth, over time, both teeth at the contact will have a cavity .
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Yes they are caused by a bacteria called Strep Mutans and this can be transmitted like other bacteria. The most common was is via exchange of saliva from one individual to another.
The bacteria in your mouth is naturally occurring and it needs to consume sugar that's left in the mouth and turn it into acid that damages the hard enamel of the teeth. A cavity in your mouth can infect the teeth next to it, but I have never known a case where a person got a cavity from outside of themselves!
No they are not.
Great question! Let’s break down what cavities are. Cavities are “holes” in teeth caused by bacteria which softens the hard tissue causing them to break down. The bacteria can and does spread from tooth to tooth over time. Sometimes the spreading of this bacteria is rapid.
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Cavities are a result of bacteria, not removing bacteria from a tooth surface can lead to cavities on the adjacent teeth. Cavities cannot be passed from person to person.