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Are dental crown procedures still occurring at this time?

I am a 30 year old male. I have an appointment for a dental crown at the end of April. Are dental crown procedures still occurring at this time?

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Yes they never stopped.
For the most part, yes. It may depend on what region of the country you live in.
No, unless it is an emergency. Most states are starting to open their offices for all procedures which will include your crown. Just check with your local government for specifics in your state.
Dental crown procedures are still occurring at this time, some of the labs are still closed, but it can always be arranged to get your porcelain crown done. For more information click here:
At this time, only emergency treatment is being performed. That generally means pain, bleeding, swelling, or infection. Anything else should be able to wait until it is safe to treat patients.
Dental crowns or "caps" can protect a tooth that has a large restoration better than replacing it with a larger filling. The remaining tooth structure around the filling is often weaker and more prone to fracture and recurrent decay which can lead to tooth loss. Current dental materials allow us to make crowns of ceramic material which looks just like your tooth in shape and color, and does not easily fracture giving you years of protection for your tooth. We also are able to scan the tooth for a crown, no more messy impressions! The digital file is sent to a dental lab that will mill your crown and design the proper shape and color.
Yes, dental crowns are being done at this time.

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Yes depending where you live. Most dental offices at still open and able to proceed with dental crowns
Maybe, depends on your location and your dentist schedule. Unless it seems to be an emergency you may want to wait some months before having this done
It varies according to guidelines set up by each individual state. There are new requirements for the dental offices to follow and some offices are not allowed to open until they complete the new requirements. Call the dentist you are interested in visiting to get the actual answer.
At this time, the American Dental Association is recommending that only emergency dental treatment be performed due to the COVID-19. As of now, the date where non-emergent procedures, such as crowns, is April 27. Please keep in touch with your general Dentist about your crown, as this date may change.
Contact your dentist. Usually they are rescheduled